Smoothie recipes for a nutrition boost

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Give your health a boost with fantastic smoothies

Fruits and vegetables have undeniable nutrition benefits, but some days it seems impossible to get in enough servings to meet your personal nutrition goals. Smoothies are a healthy — and delicious — way to add servings of fruits and vegetables to your diet for a boost of nutrition. Texture and sweetness of smoothies are a matter of personal taste, but we rounded up twelve amazing smoothie recipes we think you’ll love.

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Green smoothies add bunches of nutrients
  • The Green Power Smoothie from A New Bloom packs a serious nutritional punch. The smoothie adds veggies, fruits, healthy fats — and even ingredients to keep your stomach settled. The balanced nutrition in the smoothie will increase your energy throughout the day. Like A New Bloom for more healthy recipe and lifestyle inspiration.
  • Love Me, Feed Me offers a recipe for a green smoothie bursting with tropical fruit flavor in her Tropical Mint Green Smoothie. In a delicious twist, the green smoothie can even be frozen into creamy popsicles. Follow Leah on Instagram for more fantastic, plant-based recipes.
  • Coconut water adds a refreshing burst to the Perfect “Pick Me Up” Green Smoothie. The recipe, from Fashionable Foods, adds a healthy dose of electrolytes and is filling enough to replace a meal — or be split into two snack-size portions. Like Fashionable Foods for healthy recipes — including gluten free tips.
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Berry smoothies offer a sweet start to your day
  • The Blueberry Smoothie from The Loveliest Food is simple but filled with nutritious fruits and veggies. Not only is it beautiful, but the ingredients will keep you full until lunch. Like The Loveliest Food on Facebook to answer the always-pressing, “what’s for dinner?” question.
  • The Kefir Smoothie from The Merrythought uses berries and kefir to create a delicious smoothie that’s great for your tummy health. Kefir is 99% lactose-free and packed with pro-biotics, making it an ideal smoothie ingredient for people trying to cut back on dairy because of stomach upset. Follow The Merrythought on Instagram for fabulous DIY projects, recipes, and home decor tips.
  • Tattooed Martha shared a Strawberry Shortcake Smoothie with Allison at Dream a Little Bigger, and we’re dying to try it. It takes like dessert, but Greek yogurt gives the smoothie a boost of calcium and protein. Follow both Tattooed Martha and Dream a Little Bigger on Facebook for more fabulous ideas.
You’ll go nuts over these nut-based smoothies
  • Dishing Up the Dirt finds the perfect balance of sweet and spicy in her Cashew, Cardamom, and Date Smoothie. Dates are fabulous for muscle development, so this is the perfect post-workout smoothie. Follow Andrea on Instagram; she’s an organic farmer in the Pacific Northwest with wonderful recipes.
  • Try a Cherry Almond Breakfast Shake from This Gal Cooks. The antioxidants in the cherries and the protein in the almonds make this a nutritious smoothie to begin your day. Like This Gal Cooks on Facebook for simple — and delicious — recipes.
  • Nutrition isn’t normally the first thing that comes to mind when hearing the words “Red Velvet.” The Healthy Red Velvet Smoothie from The Balanced Berry will have you thinking about red velvet in a whole new — nutritious — way. Follow The Balanced Berry on Instagram for a glimpse into the life of a personal trainer who loves food.
Delicious smoothie ingredients that might surprise you
  • The Pineapple Nutmeg Detox Smoothie is a fantastic smoothie recipe from A Clean Bake. The veggie combined with pineapple and nutmeg might surprise you — it was the first recipe I tried with the ingredient, and I loved it! Follow A Clean Bake on Instagram for delicious recipes that combine baking with clean eating.
  • The Little Epicurean maximizes the cleansing properties of beets in this Heart Beet Smoothie. Beets are a sweet veggie, so this smoothie is just as tasty as it is beautiful. Follow The Little Epicurean on Instagram, where Maryanne entertains with food and travel photos.
  • Reap health benefits with the Kombucha Berry Smoothie from Veganosity. If you haven’t yet developed a taste for the healthy, fermented tea, this smoothie is perfect for you. It’s packed with veggies and berries for optimized nutrition. Like Veganosity on Facebook for more vegan living inspiration.
What are your favorite smoothie ingredients?

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