Chatting with Hungry Girl and Fiber One {Giveaway}

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Last week  I was invited to an intimate breakfast hosted by Fiber One and Hungry Girl. This was for the launch of the new Chocolate Fiber One Cereal, which by the way – tastes great!  I have been a fan of Hungry Girl, Lisa Lillien for a few years now.  She is my kind of girl, energetic and totally real when it comes to food.  We were treated to a cup of 80 Calorie (per serving) Chocolate Cereal as well as a breakfast buffet of fruit for a build your own yogurt parfait.  We had a conversation with Lisa about weight management, food, healthy living, lifestyle and a little bit of business.   Afterall, she is a fearless female entrepreneur who is not only savvy in the kitchen but a great example of a woman who is her brand.

Lisa has been using Fiber One cereal for many of her recipes like the popular Lord of the Onion Rings, Fiber-ific Fried Chicken and Loaded ‘n Oated Veggie Pizza.  In fact she has an entire page in the book dedicated to the Secrets of Fiber-Frying where she shares the Fiber One breadcrumb breakdown.  But her books are filled with much more than that. She has creative guilt-free recipes for all your favorite foods from appetizers, main dishes, salads, and decadent desserts.  These are not diet books but rather a survival guide for hungry girls in the real world.

Check out her latest Hungry Girl to the MAX Cookbook with 650 Guilt Free recipes!

I was happy to meet the woman behind the brand and happy to report she was just as colorful, energetic and real as you would imagine.   She is a savvy sassy woman who walks the walk and talks the talk.

She’s is not a nutritionist, she’s just hungry!  Lisa Lillien, a self-annoited “foodologist” is the founder of that began as a emai lto two hundred friends adn family members has become a worldwide phenomenon that entertains and informs hungry people everywhere!
More about the new Fiber One 80 Calorie Chocolate Cereal!

  • Dieters everywhere will be thrilled to hear that they no longer have to avoid chocolate!  The new Fiber One® 80 Calories Chocolate is a lightly sweetened cereal with a touch of cocoa.
  • Delivering a delicious, chocolaty experience with a sweet calorie count – 80 calories per serving – managing your weight doesn’t have to be about what you give up.*
  • Each serving has 9g of fiber, 35% of the recommended Daily Value of fiber, to help you feel satisfied and keep your diet on track*.
  • Fiber helps satisfy your hunger, so it’s easier to eat less and lose weight without feeling as hungry. To help you feel satisfied, food should provide at least an excellent source of fiber – 5g, 20% Daily Value of fiber.

Now, who wants Chocolate for breakfast?  But you may want to hide it because your kids will want it too!

Chocolatefor Breakfastgiveaway
Chocolate for Breakfast Giveaway!
One winner will WIN:

  • Hungry Girl Cookbook
  • Hungry Girl to the MAX cookbook
  • Fiber One Cereal
  • Re-usable Lunch Tote
  • Small ceramic coffee mug / cereal snack bowl 🙂

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  1. I love fiber one cereal or steel cut oats with fruit

  2. I love cereal! I could eat it for every meal & am excited about the new Fiber One flavor!

  3. I love bagels with jalapeño cream cheese for breakfast.

  4. Oh my!! Greek yogurt with fruit & stevia! Sprinkled with crushed Chocolate Fiber One Cereal!!! Heavenly!!!

  5. I love greek yogurt/cottage cheese, egg whites, fresh fruit, or oatmeal topped with cereal (for flavor boost and texture, yum!) at breakfast time. Omelets loaded with veggies are my favorite brunch item though!

  6. I am the ultimate Chocolate Monster !!
    <3 Hungry Girl !

  7. My ultimate fave is whole wheat pancakes with fruit or an egg white veggie scramble.. but I rarely have time to make them. I usually eat a non fat greek yogurt.

  8. I love pancakes & waffles!! 🙂

  9. I have oatmeal with frozen berries every morning

  10. Thanks for such a generous giveaway! My favorite breakfast is plain Greek yogurt topped with cinnamon and Fiber One!

  11. We eat Fiber One 80 and I’m so excited to try to chocolate version!

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