Box Play Makes Recycling Fun for Kids

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Let me tell you – I’ve never been this excited to finish off a box of cereal, crack my last egg, or pull the last tissue from a box. Box Play for Kids has made recycling super fun for our family by turning old boxes into new toys.

Here’s how it works. Pick from a variety of colorful, modern stickers (all made from eco friendly, biodegradable products of course) that you can easily mount on top of recyclables like empty toilet paper rolls, shoe boxes, cereal boxes, egg cartons and more. My son loved playing with his new found toys and I loved how they encouraged him to use his imagination.

Our favorites included the empty macaroni and cheese box turned camera and the toilet paper roll turned rocket ship.

Macaroni & Cheese Box “before”



After Box Play for Kids!

So, if you’re looking for a great way to give back to our planet this Earth Day, Box Play for Kids is an excellent start for us moms. Act now for free shipping on orders over $25 or more.

Moms, how do you encourage your kids to be eco-friendly?



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