Keeping Kids Cool in Summer

10 Ways to beat the heat this summer

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Here they are, the dog days of summer. I’m not sure why they call it that, but I live in Phoenix so I can take a wild guess since all I seem to want to do it lay on the cool spot on the kitchen tile and take a nap. But, since we are moms and hiding away in an air conditioned house is not always possible, we’ve come up with a list of the top 10 best products to beat the heat and keep your kids cool when it seems almost impossible.

1. Geleeo Universal Stroller Cooling Pad

Geleeo Cooling Pad for Babies

It doesn’t get an cooler than this, does it? (I mean seriously.) The Geleeo Stroller Cooling Pad is the one and only of its kind ever invented. Made of a special cooling gel, it stays up to 10-degrees cooler than the air around it without refrigeration and lasts for years. On top of all that, it’s wipeable, comes in several colors and it’s reversible if pink (or blue and beige) isn’t always your bag, there’s a neutral gray on the other side. For more information on this amazing technology and to find a store locator to get your hands on one of your very own, check out their website.

2. The Noggle

Keeping Kids Cool in the Car: The Noogle

I don’t care how great your air conditioning vents are in your car, if you have a rear-facing child I guarantee you they are hot. The Noogle is so simple and so effective that it has everyone saying, “Hey, why didn’t I think of that?!” Now I’ll warn you, it’s a bit intrusive if you have a smaller car like mine, but the cute fabric and the fact that it actually works makes up for the fact that you have a giant hose running down the middle of your car. The Noggle can be purchased at stores like BuyBuyBaby and online at for $40-50, depending on length.

3. Meeno Babies Cool Mee Bucket Seat Liner

Keeping Baby Cool: Meeno

My little one hates being in her car seat when it’s hot, and who can blame her. After all, car seats seems to be made from the least breathable material on the planet. Take her out of the seat on a regular day and you’re guaranteed to have a sweaty, soggy mess on your hands, but add a 100-degree day to that and now she’s pretty annoyed, too. This car seat liner has solved all of this and we love it. She stays cool and dry, even on the hottest days and I’ve noticed crying fits have even been reduced since she’s less uncomfortable on those days when she has to be in her car seat for longer than normal. The Meeno Babies Cool Mee Car Seat Liner, which retails for around $40, also comes in sizes to fit convertible car seats and strollers.

4. SunAngels Sun Sleeves

Sun Angels Sun Sleeves to Keep Baby Safe

This is one that I really, really liked. Not only are these functional and easy to use, but they’re also super cute and kid friendly! Created by two sisters-in-law who were tired of slathering on sun block on their little ones, they took their expertise in kids gear and the pharmaceutical industry to create these sun-safe sleeves for babies and kids that have a built-in UPF 50+ rating. I found them easy to get on and off and Abbey seemed completely unbothered by them. More importantly, Abbey is going through that stage where her hands and arms go directly into her mouth, so knowing that her arms didn’t need to be covered in chemicals to stay safe from the sun was a relief. Sun Angels Sun Sleeves are available in both babies and big kid sizes for $20 a pair.

5. Platypus Australia Swimwear

Platypus Australia Kids Swimwear

This swimwear line has quickly become my favorite for kids and babies for two reasons: snap crotch swimsuits and zip-up rash guards. Hello! Why isn’t every swimsuit made with these features? If you haven’t wrangled a squirrely infant out of a wet, soggy suit for a diaper change, just to have to wrestle them back into the now cold suit, well then you just haven’t lived. All of their swimsuits, from babies to size 14, are UPF 50+, which blocks out up to 97.5-percent of the sun’s harmful rays. And Moms, don’t think they forgot about you. Head on over to their site to see the women’s zip-up rash guards and chic one-piece suits. You can purchase Platypus Australia Swimwear online at, and don’t forget to sign up for their mailing list to get 10-percent off your first order!

Don’t miss our full review of Platypus Australia Swimwear from our Savvy Sassy Product Scout, Sara McCarty.

6. Otteroo Infant Pool Float

Keeping Kids Cool in Summer: Ottero Infant Float

At first glance this goes against everything in the parenting handbook you were given on day one: Don’t strap things around Baby’s neck and don’t strap things around Baby’s neck and then place them in water… but, stay with me. Meet The Otteroo, probably the cutest and strangest looking baby floatie ever made. Yes, it goes around the neck, but rest assured, it’s perfectly safe and made with only the highest grade of toxin-free and latex-free plastic. This pediatrician approved floatie can be used as for babies as early as 8-weeks-old up to a weight of 35-pounds and has physical and mental benefits such as enhancing motor skills, promoting early walking and helping Baby familiarize with the water in a fun unique way. Also, let’s not overlook the utter cuteness! See for yourself or order one of your very own at

7. Sakura Bloom Ring Sling Carrier

Sakura Bloom Sling for Babies

If you’ve never heard of ring slings or were intimidated by the whole process, I feel you as that was me… until I met a little lovely named Sakura Bloom. Straight out of the box I was surprised by how easy it was to put on, how clear the instructions were and how comfortable both Abbey and I were from the moment I plopped her in there. And, let me tell you about the fabric. Oh the fabric! It’s made from the most delicious Indian silk and comes in many different colors to fit anyone’s tastes. If you wanted to opt for an even lighter fabric, they even have an entire line in gorgeous linen. On this day it was 110-degrees and we were at a birthday party where we were outside the majority of the time. The true test came when I finally took her out of it only to find my shirt wasn’t soaked (as is always with my other carrier), neither was my back or the baby. You can find the entire line of Sakura Bloom ring slings on their website.

8. Bèbè au Lait Muslin Car Seat Cover

Keeping Baby Cool in Summer: Bebe au Lait Infant Car Seat Cover

Car seat covers are a necessity, bottom line. They keep out the sun, keep unwelcome hands off your precious baby, and keep outside germy germs at bay. But unfortunately, although adorbs, the fabric used is oftentimes heavy and allows for no circulation… until now. Yay for Bèbè au Lait and their brand new muslin car seat covers! Made from the same breathable muslin that you absolutely already love in their other products, the covers come in the four most darling patterns, have a front zipper for peeking in or out and even a small pocket to store small items such as binkys. Pair it up with matching muslin blankets and you’ve got all you need for cuteness on the go.

9. Dreambaby® Stroller Fan

Keeping Baby Cool- Dreambaby Stroller Fan

Arguably one of the easiest and least expensive ways to keep your kids cool when out and about is the stroller fan. They are lightweight, portable and most clip on to your stroller or car seat, for around $12 a pop. This one by Dreambaby® has a large clip that will fit on any stroller or car seat. It also comes with flexible stem to adjust easily as needed, is available in an array of colors (pink, blue, black and white) and the blades are made of a foam material that is strong enough to create a good amount of wind, but completely safe if your kids grab it (as kids do). For more information on Dreambaby® products and where to buy you can find them on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

10. Babyganics SPF 50+ Sun Products

Keeping Baby Safe from the Sun: babyganics Sun Care Products

This last item on the list isn’t so much for keeping your kiddos cool as it is for protecting them when it’s not. I’ve been a fan of Babyganics products since I received a gift basket full of goodies at my baby shower and now it’s all that I use in my house. And really, how could you not? Their sunscreen is SPF 50+, provides protection from UVA and UVB rays, is water-resistant up to 80-minutes, non-allergenic, tear-free, pediatrician and dermatologist tested and never tested on animals. Whether it’s spray, stick or lotion, Babyganics has whatever your little sunburn-free heart desires. My favorite is the big bag of small single-use tubes that I throw in my purse, diaper bag and wet bag for swim class.

How do you keep your baby cool in summer?

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