Everything you need for baby: at home

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Everything you need for baby: At home

We shared all of our favorite on-the-go baby products, and now we are sharing a list of everything you need when you’re at home! If you are pregnant, put them on your registry. If you are looking for place to register, we were recently at BuyBuyBaby, and we would recommend you go there! You will not be disappointed with the variety of products and the knowledge of the staff. Here are some of our must have baby products.



We understand why the Dockatot is all the rage! Before this product came to be, we were using pack ‘n plays and bassinets all day long, but we adore the Docakatot’s versatility. It can go anywhere. It’s easy to transport and the babies just love it! Take it everywhere in the house, from in your bed with you so you can sleep close to baby to the couch in the basement, so you can play with your older kids. Bring it to the dining room table, the ottoman in the den or the island in the kitchen. Not to mention, it’s a cinch to travel with the Dockatot. Throw it in the travel bag and into your car for dinner at a friend’s or a weekend away. Wherever you go, bring the Dockatot along so baby can be comfortable and have a good sleep in a familiar place.



There are so many choices of products to use on our littles ones, but Babyganics is our number one choice. The eczema line is a lifesaver. Scent is so important. We have learned that if there is too much, their sensitive skin can react — but we want them to smell delicious! The orange blossom scent if just scrumptious for our daily baths. We also love their products for on-the-go.


ErgoPouch ErgoCocoon

How many times a day is your newborn asleep one minute and then awake the next after startling themselves? This is completely normal, but it doesn’t change the fact that you want baby to stay asleep! The ErgoPouch ErgoCocoon is a life saver. Place baby inside with their arms in to avoid any scratching or startling. Unlike some of the other swaddles on the market, your baby will have space inside to move their arms. They don’t feel restricted, but they can’t move enough to wake themselves. A dream come true! As they get older, you can open the sides and have them sleep with their arms out the sides. This is definitely a product you will be happy you have!

Angelcare Monitor

Angelcare monitor AC417

Whether you are a first time mom or a veteran mom, moving baby into their own room can be an anxiety-provoking experience. Without baby beside you in the Dockatot or next to the bed in the bassinet, it’s not as easy to lean over and make sure they are ok. The AC417 Video Movement monitor has you covered. This motion and video monitor allows you to see your baby and ensure they are safe. The Angelcare monitor comes with a sensor you place under the mattress. If the sensor notices unusual activity, it will inform you so that you can go in and check your baby. As moms, we are already sleep-deprived enough, so any product that gives us peace of mind and lets us sleep when baby sleeps is worth every penny.

Nook Playmat

LilyPad playmat & Freshly Picked Moccasins

Play all day… or at least when baby is awake. We have been using the LilyPad playmat since birth. The thickness of the mat is comfortable for babies at every age and stage. Use the mat for tummy time, rolling around, sitting to play and more.

These little booties are perfect for home and on-the-go. Just because you don’t have walkers, doesn’t mean babies shouldn’t have their feet covered — and we aren’t talking about socks! Freshly Picked crib moccasins complete any outfit! Made from genuine leather, they are durable, secure around the ankle and comfortable for baby. As your little one grows and begins walking, keep them in Freshly Picked as they are so comfortable and durable. Our big kids wore them forever and loved them!

Mam Pacifiers

MAM Pacifiers

Love…love…love. The MAM pacifiers come in a variety of sizes, making them ideal for a newborn. As babies grow, you increase the pacifier size to suit your baby. We also love that they come in a plastic case that makes them easy to find in the diaper bag — and keeps them clean. On the website, you can customize your baby’s pacifier with their name. How amazing is that? Such a cute gift and perfect for when you have more than one pacifier user in you home!

Kepi Kozy

Kepi Kozy

Made with baby’s head in mind, we have been using the Kepi Kozy to protect the shape of baby’s head from birth. Especially with baby number two, there is a lot of “down time” whether it be in the crob, on the playmat, or in the swing. In order to avoid Plagiocephaly, we have been loving the Kepi Kozy, the world’s safest swaddle, as it supports the head, neck and spine. The Kozy is comfortable for baby as it it’s spacious on the bottom and promotes healthy hip development. The dock is the extra set of hands we have always wished for as we can ensure baby is secure and safe!

Ollie Swaddle

Ollie Swaddle

There are so many wonderful features in the Ollie Swaddle, we couldn’t leave it off our list. Nothing is worse than having to unswaddle a baby to change their diaper. Once the swaddle comes off, let the screaming begin! The bottom of the Ollie Swaddle is open allowing for quick and easy diaper changes, which lets baby sleep straight through. One of the other things with swaddles is that as your child grows, you need continue buying bigger sizes. The Ollie Swaddle is created as a one size fits all piece with a customized closure for an individualized fit. You won’t have to worry about your baby growing out of it! In just 4 easy steps, your baby will be snug as a bug in the Ollie Swaddle and ready for a good long stretch of sleep!

Milestone Cards

Milestone cards

Your baby will grow so fast that with each passing month you will ask yourself, “Where did the time go?” Do yourself a favor and pick up a set of the beautiful milestone cards to document each exciting moment in your baby’s life. Milestone cards just launched two new lines: one with the popular author-illustrator Emily Winfield Martin of #1 NYT bestseller The Wonderful Things You Will Be and the other with the worldwide French favorite, Sophie the Giraffe. Both sets are beautiful and you will be grateful you took the time to document each milestone when they are all grown up!

Baby Brezza Bottles

Bottoms Up!

When it comes to bottles, Baby Brezza has taken it to the next level. We love these colorful plastic bottles with fun sayings on the bottom to make you smile during late night feeds. Their unique, super-wide, two-piece breast-like design, make them the easiest to clean on the market and make for an easy feeding process with baby. The colorful tops are a refreshing change from the usual white!

What are some of your must have baby products for at-home?

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