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Modern moms know we are so lucky to have so many baby products to choose from. Every time I see a mom with a new baby, we chat about what she has now that didn’t use to be available. Even since having my youngest 3 years ago, things have drastically changed! I used to clip my swaddle blanket to the handle of the carseat with my hair clips so that the car seat was dark and my baby could sleep. Now there is no DIY needed for taking baby on the go. We’ve compiled a list of products you will want to have on hand when going out with your baby.

Covered Goods

Covered Goods

It seems fitting to start with the solution to so many of my DIY baby gear adventures, Covered Goods. This product is multi-use, which every mom needs. We use everything in as many ways as possible to minimize what goes into the diaper bag so we can carry it all day long. Covered Goods created the original multi-use nursing cover, which provides true all-over coverage and can also be used as a scarf, car seat cover and shopping cart cover. This product is genius and absolutely essential!


Chewbeads has so many great products but I will just share a few that we love. If you follow us on Instagram, you have probably seen pictures of the Chewbeads Baby “Where’s the Pacifier?” Clip – Badge. We use this at home and on the go for a pacifier and for toys! All Chewbeads products are made our of silicone. We can’t wait to use the Chewbeads Baby Gramercy Stroller toy/car seat attachment that serves a dual purpose!


Solly Baby

Every baby loves to be held and every momma loves to hold her baby, but she also wants her hands free! The Solly Baby wrap allows you to be close to your baby which deepens the physical and emotional connection with you baby. Made out of a lightweight, buttery soft fabric, you will be beyond comfortable and won’t over heat while your baby is breathing in everything that is you! Baby wearing is one the things I miss most about the younger years. This wrap gets the most wear in your babies first 9 months, but is designed to hold your baby up to 25 pounds.

Doddle & Co. The Pop

Doddle & Co.

Pure genius! How many times have you been out and about with only one pacifier and…it falls to the ground. The screaming begins and the panic sets in! Doddle & Co. have solved that problem! When it comes to your baby, there is no such thing as the 5 second rule! The Pop pacifier retracts when it falls our of your baby’s mouth, so you never have to worry about the nipple touching the ground. Crisis averted…forever!

Silikids tops

SilliKids Straw tops

We have had these for a while but as your kids get older, they are a must have. Have you ever taken your toddler to a restaurant and forgotten a sippy cup? Well, I hope you packed your Siliskin Univeral Sippy Tops and Straw tops or a few extra sets of clothes! The tops stretch and grip the top of any sized cup. They are instant no spill cups, which in my world (and likely yours) is a dream! We bring these to restaurants, friends houses and we use them at home too! Storing a bunch of these tops is way easier than a bunch of sippy cups!

Sassy Toys

Sassy Toys

Aside from you, toys are the centre of baby’s universe! We like to introduce Sassy toys early on as they believe in creating products that will help children thrive by focusing on the child’s developmental and educational needs. (Just like us!!) The all new Sassy collection of toys are designed for open-ended play to help babies and young children learn to solve problems, be flexible, self-motivate and most importantly, play…with purpose. We have picked a few toys that we will be introducing at an early age such as the Sassy Prongy Ball Teether and the Sassy Poke A Dot Rattle. Our favorite has been the Sassy Wonder Wheel that we have used for a few of our kids!

pediped Shoes

Pediped boys shoesGo out in style with pediped shoes! With shoes designed for every occasion from newborn to 24 months, you won’t have trouble finding shoes to fit your style. pediped shoes let your child’s feet develop naturally and healthily while in the shoes. My kids were in shoes from a very young age to complete their look!

Babo Hands & Body cleansing wipes

Babo Cleansing WipesBabo wipes

These wipes are great for any age group, including adults, but right now, we are loving them the most for babies! As much as you want to bathe your newborn every day, their skin is just too dry! So we tried the Babo Hands & Body cleaning wipes that are so moisturizing and perfect for sensitive skin, to wipe baby down at the end of the day! We also have an extra pack in the car to use post workout!

Babyganics disenfecting

Babyganics Disenfectant

We use this again and again and again…How many times a day do you wash your kids hands? And how many times a day do you wish you could wash your kids hands a day when there is no water around? I never like to use the alcohol based hand sanitizers because my kids finger always end up in their mouth. That’s why we are in love with Babyganics alcohol free and fragrance free foaming hand sanitizer. Trust me when I say you need the big size and the on-the-go!


B Box Diaper WalletWe are just loving the B. Box diaper wallet for any child in diapers, not just your newborns. It’s got you covered with a change pad, diapers and wipes all in one neat package. It’s all you need to take with you when you are out and about!


Talk about keeping it all together, B.Box Baby offers a travel bib and spoon that will avoid the search in your big diaper bag. The bib comes in a a few super cute designs and they roll up and zip with a spoon inside. After you baby eats on the go, just roll it up and throw it in your bag and then deal with the mess later!

What are your favorite products for on-the-go?

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