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Because I already have a little girl, I am always browsing the sweet handmade girl clothes that Etsy has to offer. I could spend countless hours (ahem…DO) sifting through the pretty dresses and skirts, adorable little shoes, hair accessories, you get the idea. Many of my Etsy posts are centered around girls items. But now that we are expecting #2, and there is the possibility of having a boy this time around, I’ve found myself coveting the handsome boys clothes there is to be found on Etsy.

Many might think that boys clothing is pretty simple — t-shirts and jeans kind of outfits — but I’ve found so much more while looking through the amazing Etsy shops! The idea of dressing a little boy is getting more and more appealing as I uncover the unique clothes to be had. I’ve come across an adorable selection of clothes from knit booties and caps to cardigans and graphic onesies. You won’t have any trouble dressing up your little man after you take a look at what I have picked out!

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1. Making Waves Baby Boy Button Down Shirt – $40.00 – I love this adorable button down shirt! This shirt is very different than any button down you’ll find anywhere else. Look at the sweet little boats! Made of a beautiful soft cotton, your little boy will love to wear this day in and day out.

2. Vintage Inspired Tie and Suspenders Onesie – $20.00 – If we have a little boy, this is definitely going to be a onesie that I will have to have in his rotation! Onesies can be SO boring, and even though they are mainly a functional piece of clothing, it’s always fun to have a few that stand out. I can imagine any baby boy looking perfectly dapper in this vintage-inspired onesie!

3. Baby Boy Booties – $21.90 – I love how bright these booties are, and how cozy they look! If you end up having a baby boy that is due when the weather is a little cooler, these booties are perfect to keep his little toes warm.

4. Baby Wool Cardigan – $45.00 – I am a cardigan fanatic. I have several stashed in my closet, and Tatum has a ton as well. Even if this baby turns out to be a boy, I will make sure he has a good stock of cardigans as well. Cardigans are a simple way to add a little bit of colour and warmth to an outfit, and handmade wool cardigans like this one are no exception! I think I actually let out a little yelp of delight when I saw this cardigan. This¬†sweater is made from Green Mountain Spinnery’s Mountain Mohair Wool, 70% wool and 30% yearling mohair. So you know it will be amazingly soft and your little man won’t mind being bundled up in it all day!

5. Neck Tie Onesie – $13.00 – Your baby boy can be just like dad with this adorable neck tie onesie. Even if dad doesn’t wear a suit & tie to work, this onesie is still a really cute addition to your never-ending white onesie collection. Simply pair this onesie with a pair of pants and voila! Instant cute baby boy outfit.

6. Herringbone Pants with Corduroy Cuffs – $30.00 – I can’t get enough of these unique little pants! These are a very stylish choice for your trendy tot. You’re not going to find baby boy pants like these on the shelves at your local department store! Pair with a plain white t-shirt (or grab a white onesie from your gigantic pile) and you’ve got a super-stylish outfit that was incredibly easy to throw together.

7. Bowtie for Baby – $16.00 – I enjoy this bowtie. I know bowties aren’t exactly a day-to-day clothing item for most boys, but this bowtie was so sweet and colourful that I couldn’t resist including it in my list. I’m sure if we had a little boy I’d find ways to incorporate it in his everyday look! If you happen to have weddings, family pictures, church, or anything that requires a little bit more dressing up, consider getting an absolutely adorable bowtie for your little man for the occasion.

8. Brown Bear Hat – $19.50 – Why is it that clothing items with animal ears on them are always so much cuter? I love this bear hat for a little boy. This would be a cute accessory to any outfit, and if you’re stumped on what to get your girlfriend for her baby shower, this would make a really unique gift.

Do you dress your little boy up often? Do you dress him in any handmade clothing?

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