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Finding the best high chair to fit your lifestyle and your decor can be an arduous task. I mean, let’s be honest: some are huge plastic eyesores that will always turn me off, no matter how easy they are to clean. My list of must-haves for our new high chair was simple: must be pretty, must be functional, must have a small footprint and must be easy to clean. Meet the Abiie Beyond Junior Y, the awesome new high chair that is all that — and so much more.

The details of the Abiie Beyond Junior Y

This truly beautiful high chair has won many awards, and it’s easy to see why. Each chair is made from carefully selected, eco-friendly beech wood, and the entire chair — from top to bottom — is BPA, Phthalate and PVC free. The chair itself weighs about 20 pounds but seems so much lighter than that without ever sacrificing sturdiness. As for the footprint, it’s roughly 18″ x 22″ at the base and about 33″ tall. Keep in mind that this chair does not fold down, but it’s so small that I could tuck it away in a corner of the dinning room without feeling like I was adding another piece of furniture.


High chair

What I love about the Beyond Junior Y

From box to baby, the set up of this chair was easy and the directions were super clear. I did have to adjust a bit, because I skipped ahead and ended up missing a step. Serves me right. I also went the extra mile and added pads to the feet to protect our floors. The plastic tray cover is simple to remove one-handed and is dishwasher safe, although I have yet to need to do more than wipe it down. By far, the seat cushions are best thing about this chair. We have all encountered month-old crusties deep in the corner of the high chair seat, and the pad cover never really washes clean, so it’s just gross all the time. Not with the Beyond Junior Y. Not only are there no corners for food to hide, but the waterproof back and seat cushions pop right off for cleaning.

Negatives HC
What I thought could improve

The 5-point harness straps are a nice feature, however they are really long, even with maximum tightening. In this picture, Abbey is 7 months old, and the straps were pretty much useless because there was so much slack. I ended up just tying them in the back, and now it’s perfect. I’m sure I could just lower the seat, but I like that she is so high because I often stand up while I’m feeding her. The straps also got dirty pretty quickly. Lastly, while not a huge issue, the mechanism for getting the tray locked in place is very simplistic, as you can see from the pictures. If you like to rock long nails, I guarantee you’re going to have an issue. I wish you could pop off the whole tray with one hand, but like I said, the plastic tray cover can be removed one-handed so maybe that was their compromise.

Final thoughts on the Abiie high chair

In the end, I highly highly recommend this high chair. I am one of those people who does a ton of research, because if I’m going to purchase something I want my money’s worth. It needs to last. I am all about convertible everything. This high chair will last your child a very, very long time — and then some. It takes about 20 seconds to move the foot rest and the seat up or down to accommodate your child at any age. You can remove the tray and have extra seating at any table. It’s stylish, extremely functional, eco-friendly and comes in an array of colors to match any decor. I don’t think I could be any happier with this high chair and I know you will be too.

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Let’s talk bibs for a second

When Abbey first switched to solids, I was still using the old, tiny fabric bibs that always ended up crusty and stained. I found these adorable bibs from Make My Day Products. These oh-so-soft bibs are made of 100% food grade, stain-resistant and BPA-free silicone. I’m in love with how handy they are. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stuck a jar of baby food and a spoon in the crumb catcher, rolled it up and threw it into my diaper bag. After I use it, I roll it all back up, dirty, for home and it goes straight into the dishwasher. Yes, they’re dishwasher safe. Seriously though, how stinkin’ cute? Make My Day has 17 different styles of bibs. From pretty pearls to a dapper tuxedo, it’s impossible to pick just one.

Do you have a favorite bib? And how much do you want to try the Abiie high chair?

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