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Healthy snack ideas for kids

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Kids love snacks, whether you’re feeding them after school or during a morning playdate with friends. Healthy snack ideas for kids don’t have to be boring or the same two things over and over again. Getting your kids to eat healthier snacks can be a matter of modeling healthy eating yourself — but you have to be a little tricky about it. Try these healthy snacks both kids and moms will love.

Veggie chips
Take advantage of their love for crunch

Kids — ok, and moms — love crunchy snacks, and The Better Chip® helps incorporate a little bit of veggie flavor into their double-corn masa chips. Since the vegetables are cooked directly into the chips, kids won’t walk around with flavor dust ready smearing on anything they touch.

My picky eater steers clears of vegetables for the most part, but he adores chunky salsa. I have a hard time convincing him to eat it with celery sticks, so The Better Chips seem like a snack compromise that works for both of us. The verified non-GMO and gluten free chips come in five bold flavors. I adored the Chipotle, but he found them a little spicy. Spinach & Kale ended up being his favorite — if only I could get him on board with other versions of green veggies.

Kale chips

Hummus doesn’t always work with chips, but The Better Chips are hearty enough not to break apart with every dip. My seven-year old and I thought the Jalepeño tasted amazing with our favorite garlic hummus, though it was a little too hot for my kindergartner. He preferred the Corn — and passed over the hummus for extra salsa.

healthy snacks
Sneak in a little protein with their chocolate

A little chocolate feels like a special treat, but it’s possible to sneak in a little nutrition with the sweetness. The goodnessknows® Snack Squares combine dark chocolate, nuts and dried fruit for a combination of salty and sweet goodness kids. Each pack comes with four squares. Divide them between kids for just a small snack or let them pick their favorite flavor pack for a heartier burst of protein.

snack bars

The best healthy snacks for kids are ones that can be enjoyed by the whole family, and the goodnessknows bars are a better option for an afternoon energy boost than your normal cup of coffee. Apple, almond and peanut dark chocolate is perfect for fall, but my favorite was the peach, cherry and almond dark chocolate. The peach flavor was a little unexpected and not something I see a lot in the snack bars we normally purchase, so I appreciated the twist on our regular snack flavors.

What are your favorite healthy snacks to share with your kids?

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