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I might as well get it out in the open… my sweet, adorable baby boy is a spitter-upper.

Apparently he’s going to grow out of it, but for now its a way of life.  It is especially prominent when we feed him from a bottle. He spit out the sides, his neck is in a constant state of yuck, and its an absolute mess!  I’m told its very common in babies, but challenging nonetheless.  So when asked if I would try out the Le bibble, I thought I may quite possibly the best person for job.

Le bibble is essentially a bib for the bottle.  It not only makes it easy to wipe up the baby’s chin from dribble, but it also helps prevent any bottle leaks.  Added bonus is that they are made in super cute, stylish patterns. (Ideal for a Savvy Mom).

The Le bibble was started by a mom that was having issues with her babies bottle leaking down her daughters neck.  After a few hundred times of having to put the bottle down and search for a cloth, she decided she had had enough and designed the bottle bib.  Once the prototype was complete, she realized that it had more uses than just the leaking bottle.  It also helped the chin dribble, provided a soft surface for the baby’s hands during feeding, helps to identify your baby’s bottle in a multi-bottle setting (like the wine charm for baby bottles), all the while looking chic.

I tried it out on our sweet spitter-upper and it works great!  Very convenient and cute to boot.  My son enjoyed looking at the bright colors, and his neck is not nearly as wet and messy.  Yay!  Definite two thumbs up from this mom.

Written by Savvy Sassy Moms contributor, Alli Ward. 

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  1. These are great and the mom behind it is even greater!!! I think she is amazing, sweet and it shows in her product. I am beyond bottle stage, but in the next couple months I will need one as we are becoming custodians of a 12 month old who still will be on a bottle!! Thanks for sharing!

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