6 New Nursing Pillows

The next generation in nursing pillows

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It’s really amazing to see how far the world of baby gear has come in the last 5 years since we welcomed our first son. With the arrival of our third son, just a couple of weeks ago, I’m excited to be exploring all the innovative options in gear.  A new nursing pillow has been on the top of my list and was one of my must-haves for bringing to the hospital when he was born.

Regardless of how you choose to feed your baby, chances are you’ll use a nursing/feeding pillow to help get Baby in that perfect eating position. If you’re expecting for the first time, you’ve probably included one in your registry… and for good reason.  These pillows can be a lifesaver for moms — and dads, too! — providing helpful support and position for feeding (and even just holding Baby in the early days), and there are some new options out there that look better than ever.

6 New nursing pillows to try

6 New Baby Nursing Pillows to Try

1. Niche Feeding Pillow from Nook

This pillow is organic, inside and out, and made in the USA. The Niche has a unique squared design, which offers extra surface-space, while the lightweight Kapok core material provides comfortable support and breathability — no more sweaty feeding sessions! The Niche is also quite versatile as it can also be used as a prop seat for Baby and side-sleeper pillow for Mom or Dad. The pillow can be machine washed gently and alone. (Available on nooksleep.com, $100)

Eco-Friendly Nursing Pillow to Keep Baby Safe

2. Nursing Pillow from The Honest Company

The newest nursing pillow from The Honest Company has an angled surface that guides Baby towards mom’s breast. True to form for this super eco-focused company, the core of the pillow is made from Eco*Loft® virgin poly-fiber, which means no toxic foams, adhesives, flame retardants or harsh chemicals. To top it off, the organic cotton plush top and bolster are removable and washable. Other unique features include the patented vented privacy cover that easily tucks inside its own pocket, and the organic cotton travel/storage bag that comes with the pillow. (Available on honest.com, $70)

New Nursing Pillows for 2016

3. Natural Curve Nursing Pillow from Ergobaby

One of the newest nursing pillows on the scene, this debut from Ergobaby is made from solid foam with a unique contour to help properly position Baby tummy-to-tummy at a height that is meant to prevent slouching for Mom. It also wraps around your waist to provide an armrest. It’s a very firm pillow which should maintain it’s shape, a smart update compared to many nursing pillows of the past. Additionally, the plush cover is comfortable, removable, and machine washable. (Available on store.ergobaby.com, $70)

Must-Have Breastfeeding Gear for 2016

4. Premium Cotton Nursing Pillow from Bébé au Lait

Prefer for Baby to sit up a bit higher when she’s feeding? The nursing pillows from Bébé au Lait are a good choice. The reversible, dual-sided design gives Moms two options — choose from the flat, firmer surface or flip it over for a plush, softer surface. The pillow has an open-shaped design and also offers a two-sided pocket to keep burp cloths, breast pads and other essentials within reach. There is also an adjustable waist strap that can be tucked away if desired. The pillow and removable slip cover are machine washable. (Available on bebeaulait.com, $55)

New Shapes in Nursing Pillows for Moms

5. Gia Angled Breastfeeding Pillow from Dr. Browns

The angled design of this pillow positions Baby at an incline as she eats, which may help with digestion and reduce reflux. The wider, flatter pillow surface helps prevent Baby from rolling down (No. 1 nursing pet peeve!), and the thick-to-thin design is intended to grow with Baby and offer limitless nursing positions. This entire pillow can be machine washed and dried. Read more about it on drbrownsbaby.com. (Available on target.com, $27)

The Next Generation of Nursing Pillows

6. Best Latch Nursing Pillow from Boppy

This new pillow from Boppy offers a two-sided design, each with different feeding surfaces. The firm surface features a soft minky fabric and features a contoured foam edge design that helps Baby turn towards Mom. The softer, fiberfill side offers a more snuggly surface as Baby grows. The wide arm design fits most moms and the removable belt keeps Baby snug against your body. With the foam insert and belt removed, the pillow is machine washable. (Available on boppy.com, $45)

How do I pick the right nursing pillow for me?

With so many great options out there, it can be hard to navigate deciding which pillow is right for you. Asking other moms and your local lactation consultant is always a good idea, but here are some things to keep in mind when shopping:

The right fit

With different body types and personal preferences, there is no one perfect pillow for everyone. If possible, explore the options in person — you can check your local baby gear store, meet with a local lactation consultant, doula, or try out friends’ pillows before your baby arrives. Specifically look at how the opening and height of the pillow fits your body.

Shape and firmness

This again will come down to personal preference, body type, and favorite feeding position. There unfortunately is no one-size-fits-all option. The “C-shape” is the most popular, but it’s all about what feels comfortable and natural to you. The pillow should put Baby at a height that doesn’t have you hunching down, and the firmness should be comfortable for Baby, but firm enough that she isn’t sinking down. If you’re nursing, Baby’s neck should be held straight at breast level when feeding.

Easy to clean

Between reflux, leaky boobs or bottles, and general everyday use, being able to machine wash your pillow, or at least its removable cover, is essential.


If you’re expecting your first baby, you may not know what features you’re looking for until after she arrives, but do your best to test pillows out and ask around. Deciding what features are important to you will help narrow down your search. Think about if you want a waist strap, if you want a two-sided option, if you want something that can also be a support pillow for Baby, if you need a pocket and if organic fabrics are a must.


As you can see, price points on these pillows can vary greatly. While many people find them to be essential, there’s no way of knowing how long you’re going to need or want the pillow, so only spend what your are comfortable with. As with all of your new baby gear, it’s often a good idea to set a budget before making a purchase.


This might sound silly, but you’ve spent time designing your nursery and picking out colors, and if you’re going to spend the money on one of these pillows, you might as well like the looks of it and like the way it flows with your nursery. Most pillows offer a variety of fabric choices, so take your time and pick one you’ll love.

Will you be adding any of these pillows to your registry or wish list?

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