WTF? Munchkin’s New Non-Toxic Soap for Naughty Mouths

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Screen Shot 2013-03-30 at 4.02.58 PMWhining Wasabi

Lying Liver

Spoiled Child, Spoiled Milk

Vulgarity Vomit

Extra-Strength Sour Pout Face

Yuck! The old bar of soap in the mouth tactic seems to be making a comeback. Forget the Irish Spring or Dial of yesteryear. Try giving your kid a taste of one of the above new Naughty Mouth Soaps from Munchkin the next time he says something less than savory. The Company is now offering parents everywhere a non-toxic but foul-tasting deterrent to stop the future use of inappropriate language.

Munchkin’s Naughty Mouth Soap affords parents with a highly effective technique to undo verbal disrespect. Goodbye potty talk! It also breaks the habit of mimicking an older sibling’s profane language or showing parents unnecessary attitude. Nice. We like where this is going.

So moms, would you want to give this product a try? Visit the Munchkin Facebook Page for a chance to win a bar of your choice. And if I were you, I definitely go with the Whining Wasabi.

April Fools! We got you!

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  1. LOL… you got me too. These days, I’d believe companies would make almost anything.

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