What Does Mom Really Want for Mother’s Day?

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Mother’s Day is less than a week away and if you haven’t thought about what you’ll do to celebrate mom, I’m here to offer a few ideas. These range from no-cost to a small investment, but I guarantee something here will make her happy!

A Day Off – Time and time again, the women/moms I know ask for one simple thing – a day off to sleep in, not worry about getting up with the kids, preparing meals, cleaning the house, or running errands. Dads/husbands – I’m talking to you! If you are low on cash or simply don’t know what to do or buy, why don’t you offer mom a well-deserved break. Take the kids out for the day so mom can relax on her own turf and enjoy the peace and solitude. She WILL thank you for it!

A Day Out – As an alternative to letting mom have a day home alone, send her out with some girl friends to do something fun and girly. Shopping, lunch, a movie, or decorated home tours are some of the things she may enjoy.

A Few Hours of Pampering – From my experience a whole day of pampering can be overwhelming and, well…exhausting! I suggest instead, just a couple of hours worth for a massage, and a pedicure. Let’s face it, a manicure is washed off in about 12 hours, and if you’ve ever had a facial you know it’s not necessarily “relaxing.” Having someone massage your body and rub your feet is pure heaven!

A Love Note – Husbands, when was the last time you wrote your wife a love note? Did you ever? I can’t think of anything more romantic, appreciative, or unexpected than a love note from the heart reminding your wife why you married her and why she makes a great mother. I think you’d be nicely rewarded for your efforts too! ; D

These are all great ideas and easy to implement.  We love our kids and families, but at least one day a year it’s nice to just sit back and be taken care of instead of doing the caretaking.  Good Luck!

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