The Mother’s Day mystery gift….

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What do Moms want for Mother’s Day – that is the question.

I enjoy pretty things.  I like fun and colorful accessories that can instantly wake up a wardrobe.  Getting a new wallet, gorgeous necklace or new handbag are my ideas of a realistic and perfect gift.  I don’t need 10 gifts, but rather just one nice gift that I will actually use is perfect.  I think Moms like to get things that maybe they wouldn’t necessarily buy for themselves.  Typically if given $100 most Moms would probably buy something practical for the home or clothing for their kids, we’re un-selfish like that.

So, when I was asked by BabyBjorn to pick out a Mother’s Day gift for a Mom Blogger, I was a little confused and thought “what was the catch”?  I had to read the email twice.  Yup, they were giving me $100 to spend for a Mother’s Day gift for an online friend.  Now, who I chose to buy something for and what I bought her is a secret and in time will be revealed…. But I thought this was brilliant.  The only catch was that they wanted to really see what Moms want for Mother’s Day and what they would buy for another Mom.

The Mom blogger I chose to buy a gift for is someone I have met in real life and I do know a little bit about her life, style and taste.  Not to mention if you go to her website you can get a sense for the kind of things she might like.  Sooooo I can’t wait to share what I bought and for who so stay tuned…..  I just hope she likes it;)

Disclosure:   BabyBjorn provided the funds for the gifts and that we wanted to see what real moms wanted for Mother’s Day- and what they’d give to another one!

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