Healthy eating

Tips for healthy eating in the new year

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Healthy eating
Healthy eating as a new year’s resolution

For Christmas this year I asked for Gisele Bundchen’s metabolism and the runner’s legs that never seem to develop no matter how many miles I run. Neither of those things ended up under my tree, but thankfully new year’s resolutions are actually under my control. Healthy eating is one of those vague resolutions that can mean just about anything, but these four tips can be incorporated into this year’s plan in simple, measurable ways.

1. Drink 100 ounces of water each day

Almost every year I vow to drink more water. My love affair with coffee can keep me from staying honest about my water consumption, so this year I’m trying an actual, measurable amount. Drinking 100 ounces means I’ll fill my Camelback Groove five times each day, and the Groove’s filtration system means my water will always taste great (Amazon, $12).

2. When in doubt, pack your lunch.

Packed schedules often result in grabbing meals on the go. Choosing healthy meals is possible everywhere, of course, but it can be tempting to grab an extra large, sugary coffee drink instead of a nutritionally-packed lunch. On days when you’re going to be out and about, pack a lunch — or dinner, or a filling snack — so you’re not as tempted to fall back into bad habits. PackIt Personal Coolers are a fabulous choice for transporting food because the pack itself is the ice pack. Store the PackIt in the freezer, fill it when you’re ready to leave, and all of your food will stay cool for up to 10 hours (PackIt, $20). For a nutritionally balanced lunch, consider easy-to-eat foods like grapes, cheese cubes, a few crackers, baby carrots and sugar snap peas.


Healthy eating

3. Add more protein to your diet

Adding protein to your diet doesn’t necessarily mean working towards a low-carb lifestyle. Even small amounts of extra protein will help you feel full longer, which means you’re less likely to snack on unplanned food between meals. Granola bars are a staple in many pantries — they’re portable,  don’t require utensils, and it’s easy to find their nutritional information. Trying a brand like KIND means you can easily add the nutritional power boost of nuts while indulging in a bit of sweetness. I loved Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt, but with 22 bars and 6 cluster snacks, you’re bound to find your favorite, too (KIND, $108 per 72 bars).

4. Keep healthy snacks on hand

Having healthy, easy-to-transport snacks on hand is crucial to healthier eating. Busy days creep up when you least expect them, and even the best meal planners can find themselves skipping a meal or out of the house when they should be having dinner. Freeze-dried fruit is a perfect snack to tuck into your purse or your car’s glove box. Crispy Green Crispy Fruit is sweet enough to feel like a middle-of-the-day indulgence while still providing a nutritious boost of energy (Crispy Green, $2 and up). Crispy Green snacks are produced in a facility that doesn’t process peanuts or tree nuts, which is perfect for moms worried about food allergies.

Healthy eating

What are your best tips for healthier eating?  What healthy snacks do you love?


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