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Top Tips for Selecting a Nursing Home for a Loved One

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The government suggests there are 1.3 million residents in nursing homes. Making the decision to move a loved one to a care home is a personal one. It raises so many questions and emotions, from the stresses and strains of choosing a care placement to feelings of guilt and shame for having to take such a decision. 

The task of searching for a nursing home could be something you have to deal with for the first time. You could decide to use Senior Care Placement Services, which will do all the difficult work for you.  Whether you decide to go down this route or not, it is still essential to understand the basics of selecting a care home for your loved one. Here are some tips for selecting a nursing home for a loved one. 

Tips for Selecting a Nursing Home for a loved one

Step one: Understand their needs & yours

There are several types of residential care homes available to meet the many needs, from specialist nursing units to more independent options should your loved one only need support now and again. Sit down and work out what your needs are and what the needs are of your loved one.  This will help determine the type of facility you require. 

Step two: Location, Location, Location

There is no point in selecting a support facility if you cannot visit when you want to. Choose

one that is in close proximity so you can make visits when you want. This is also important should you be called upon if your loved one has an accident.  

Step three: Check on the quality

There is a complex regulatory system in place for the registration of care homes. It

is important that you inspect any potential home for the quality of care. Also, seek out recommendations from friends and family. Go visit the home and ask questions. Speak to other guests to see what they say too. This will help you understand the quality of care on offer.

Step four: Visiting homes

You wouldn’t buy a home without going to visit it, or why would you choose a care home without visiting?  Take time to visit, ask the residents questions, ask the staff questions. Get to know the type of care they offer and get a feel for the place.  Look at communal areas, ask to see their rooms, ask about the food they offer and what other services they offer. 

Step five: Cost of care

You will have a budget to stick to when it comes to the cost of care. Find out the exact cost, what extras are included or not. Ensure you are fully aware of these costs and factor in a percentage increase each year for inflation. 

Step six: Getting Settled in

After you choose a care home, helping your loved one settle in is essential. Make sure they know where they are going and why. Stay with them as long as you can so they don’t get nervous. Be prepared to answer any questions they have. This is especially helpful if

you have a loved one who is ill. Ensure their needs are being met, and if they are ill, you can take some tips from this blog post on how to take care of your family this winter.


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