things in my diaper bag

Things in my diaper bag!

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things in my diaper bag

Always be prepared

I find that what’s in your diaper bag can say a lot about a person. Mainly, how prepared you are while on the go. Because, really, that is what it’s all about with a baby. You must always be prepared, for virtually anything. Because anything can and probably will happen, at least once. Today, I’m opening up my on-the-go lifeline and sharing the things in my diaper bag.

diaper bag necessities

The bare necessities

Now, this is obvious, right? If you were to have absolutely NOTHING else in your diaper bag, you’d at least have to have some diapers and wipes! For obvious reasons, I really don’t think I need to get into this one.

nursing scarf

Don’t forget your nursing scarf

If you’re breastfeeding, you’re going to want to have your nursing scarf with you for those on-the-go nursing sessions! I love mine, from Itzy Ritzy. It’s cute and stylish and keeps me perfectly covered up for whenever- and most importantly wherever- baby gets hungry!

mam bottle and pacifier

MAM bottles and pacifiers are a must!

I never leave the house with my baby without a pacifier- it is an instant relief when he starts to get fussy in public! He absolutely loves his MAM pacifiers, and actually prefers them to any other brand we’ve tried! Isn’t the little pacifier clip so cute, too? It’s genius because it stops the pacifier from falling to the ground when he spits it out of his mouth! Makes life much easier. He also loves the MAM bottles, which I like to have in my diaper bag just in case it’s an inconvenient place or time to nurse him. They’re perfect for long car rides!

extra clothes

Spare clothes for when the going gets tough

Again, I feel like this one doesn’t need too much explaining. Babies have blow outs, babies spit up, in a word, babies are messy. This is why I always have at least one extra change of clothes (usually two) and some jammies in my bag. We love Little Me clothes– they make the cutest and softest footie pajamas!

diaper bag musts

For wiping up those messes

The last few things I always make sure to include in my diaper bag are a nice soft blanket, some burp cloths and a pack of tissues. The blanket can be used to wrap baby up in, swaddle for a nap, shield his face if he’s in the sun, to sit on, lie down on, get some tummy time in, and the list goes on! Burp cloths are always a good thing to have handy, as are tissues. These are some necessities you won’t want to be caught without!

diaper bag for mom

Mom needs some things, too!

The diaper bag isn’t just a bag full of things for baby- it’s mom’s purse, too! Therefore, I’ll have my wallet and keys and phone in there, as well as some necessities for me. I always have a water bottle (breastfeeding makes me ravishingly thirsty!), some hand sanitizer (gotta keep those hands clean!) and at least one tube of chapstick. You might find some miscellaneous makeup items in there too, like a powder compact, some mascara and concealer (a mom’s best friend!) and some lipstick. That is, after all, what those small pockets in diaper bags are for!

So, what’s in your diaper bag? Anything I missed?

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