The Mommy Hook: Mommies little helper

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Do you ever need a helping hand? How about a hook! The Mommy Hook is a genius device that you can hook on to nearly any stroller and it will carry all of your belongings. Time and again I have gone through plastic stroller hooks only to have them break, but The Mommy Hook is much more durable. It’s made from heavy duty aluminum and it has a rubber grip to keep from sliding.

 I put my Mommy Hook to the test on a trip to the mall and I was so impressed with how strong it is. Not only that, but you can use it to help you bring in the groceries or at the store you can attach it to the shopping cart to hold your purse. It’s a fun and convenient way to hang on to your stuff! I have been been amazed at how handy my Mommy Hook really is.

If you are looking for a helping hook or a fabulous gift idea you can find the Mommy Hook at stores like Walmart, BabiesRus and Bed Bath and Beyond.

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 The Mommy Hook retails for $9.99 and you can find more information and where to buy at

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