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Summer is officially in full swing. That means days filled with fun in the sun and beating the heat by playing in the water. Since we spend the majority of our time in or around water during the summer, one of the first orders of business each summer is scheduling our little ones for swim lessons. We want to make sure that while our children are making those summer memories of splashing or perfecting the perfect cannon ball that they are also being as safe as possible. For this year’s lessons we turned to the Sunsational Swim School.

Sunsational Swim School Swim Lessons That Come to You

Convenience meets comfort

The Sunsational Swim School is a unique swim lesson experience that partners a play-based learning environment with a water safety awareness program, all with the convenience of in-home lessons. That’s right, Mom. No more trekking to a swim center across town!

What Age Should You Start Swim Lessons?

With Sunsational Swim School, you are easily able to coordinate swimming lessons with a trained instructor at the pool of your choice, at a time that works best for your schedule. Simply visit their website, enter your zip code, and within a few clicks you are provided a list of certified instructors to choose from.

Safety first

Drowning can occur in just a matter of seconds and is the second leading cause of accidental death among children under the age of 14. The Sunsational Swim School understands the importance of teaching young children and their parents water safety right from the first lesson.

Tips for Starting Swim Lessons

Our Sunsational swim instructor not only shared important information and facts to keep our kids safe, but they made it a priority to incorporate safety into each lesson. Everything was covered from not running around the pool to what to do in the event that your child fell in the water.

From Tadpole to Seal

The Sunsational Swim School owner Sarah Sebe has created a fun and progressive swim program. With seven instructional levels to choose from, your little swimmer is ensured a swim program that will help them prepare for their water filled days ahead.


When presented with children at a variety of ages and skill levels, our instructors were quickly able to assess and tailor lessons unique to each child’s needs. Lesson length depended on age and skill level, and always concluded with a fun homework task for the children to practice in between lessons. This was great to reinforce their new skills!



As our Tadpole, Starfish, and Jellyfish wrapped up their time with the wonderful Sunsational instructor, they received a special reward and certificate. As moms of busy little ones who spend most of their time waterside throughout the summer, the biggest reward was seeing our children gain both skill and confidence at one of their favorite summertime activities.

Water Safety Tips Every Parent Needs to Know

Swim lessons were provided by Sunsational Swim School. All opinions are our own.

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