4 Playroom makeover ideas

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4 Easy Playroom Makeover Ideas

A playroom seems to take the brunt of the mess and clutter, which, to be honest, is why we have a playroom in the first place, right? But if the idea of zhuzhing up your old boring playroom sounds too time-consuming — and expensive — just know that it doesn’t have to be. Take one of these playroom makeover ideas or take all. Whatever you choose, your playroom will be new and inviting once again… which hopefully means the rest of your house will be, too!

Fun Playroom Storage Ideas That Kids Will Adore

Everything in its place

First things first, get storage for all the things. I love cubbies as much as the next mom, and in my opinion, the more the better. My no. 1 piece of advice for a tidy and organized playroom is to have plenty of easy-to-access storage so that everything will have a place — puzzles with puzzles, cars with cars, etc. This way, when you’re asked where her favorite dinosaur is, you know right off the bat. Nothing is really lost until Mom can’t find it, right? Cubbies come is all different sizes and colors but my favorite are these P’kolino Mess Eaters. In our playroom, I used these cubbies just the baby toys, which sets her stuff apart from the big kids and makes it easier to find her own toys. 

Playroom Runs That Will Last for Ages

Small rug, big change

Nothing changes the overall look of a room like a new rug, but having rug in a playroom is a tricky thing. On the one hand, it will protect your underlying rug or floor from stains and messes. On the other hand, it will be covered in those stains and messes in the blink of an eye. If only you could wash your area rug… A Ruggable is a two-piece rug system that allows you to separate the top portion of the rug from the bottom rug pad so that it can then be easily tossed in your standard washing machine for cleaning (the 8×10 size is equivalent to one load of laundry). On top of that genius, you’re also not forever married to a rug design that might not fit with your decor next month or next year — just purchase a new cover and, boom, new room. From dogs to kids to messy husbands (sorry, Babe!), nothing gets by the Ruggable. Available in a variety of designs, from modern to shag, Ruggable comes in sizes from runner to 8×10.

4 Things You Need for a Playroom

Have a seat

Creating a comfy area where your child can sit, relax, watch their favorite show, or read a book is a must in any playroom. When picking great playroom seating, look for chairs that are kid-sized, but not so small that they will be quickly grown out of. You’ll also want to make sure that they are actually comfortable, and most of importantly, easy to clean. We love the Pottery Barn Kids Anywhere Chair because they are made right here in the USA from recycled materials, come in three different sizes and tons of colors to accent your playroom, and have a washable slipcover for easy cleaning.

wall decor

Add special touches with your wall decor

Giving some attention to the walls is another easy way to quickly change the look for your playroom. Some great ideas for wall decor are these cute little clothes pins that I used to hang some of my favorite drawings from the kids. The best thing about this type of set-up is the pictures can be changed easily, and often, for a fun revolving display. If you want to add a splash of awesome to your playroom, the stuffed animal heads from Project Nursery are just too cute and too fun. Or, my personal favorite, beautifully framed pieces from Minted, based on your child’s personality and name to give your playroom a personal touch.

How are you planning on sprucing up your own playroom?

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