Boys Will Be (really fashionable) Boys

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I don’t have any sons, but when I came across La Miniatura Kids, man did I wish I did!  Designed by Project Runway winner, Jeffrey Sebelia, it is full of the cutest blazers, skinny pants and denim, cardigans, the most amazing mini jodhpurs and of course washed out printed tees.  Basically, it’s everything I wish I could dress my husband in, all miniaturized perfectly into versions you can still force on someone you have some fashion control over, your son!* (*insert nephew, little brother, boss’s son, the neighbor’s kid…)

We all remember Jeffrey from season 3 of Project Runway, with his seriously awesome rock and roll designs.  Well he’s taken that edge and made it mini in his new line launching this Fall.  Biggest difference is that for the kids, Jeffrey has used a lot less leather and a lot more color, making it super interesting, trendy and wearable all at the same time.  With this, your boy is a shoo-in for Best Dressed in 2012.  That’s something I’m sure Mom and Junior can agree on!

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  1. Wow – I mean WOW! Thanks for the link! Plaid skinny pants? Oh my god!

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