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Stokke stroller adventures: The school drop-off

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Stokke Stroller Adventures

It’s starting to get much colder here, especially in the morning. Even though it’s a bit frostier during those early hours, we still try to walk to school as often as we can. I really love being able to enjoy the early morning air with my kids, and I feel like it gives us a few more minutes to connect with each other before my daughter heads off to school for the morning.

School: The big adventure

The school drop-off is hardly adventurous, but it’s an area where my new parenthood staple, the Stokke Xplory, has become my trusty go-to each morning for our walks. Our latest adventures have consisted of enjoying the morning jaunt to Tatum’s school, and the Xplory has been used every morning! Now that Reid is getting bigger, he sits up a bit more in the adjustable seat, which makes it easier for him to take part in our walks and enjoy the view. Tatum also feels pretty important when I adjust the handle to her height so she can push the stroller! That’s one great aspect about the Xplory — it’s so easy to maneuver, that I don’t have to worry when my 5-year-old takes over with pushing it, even when we encounter a few bumps in the sidewalk along the way.

Xplory draws attention

Not only is walking to school together a fun way to start the day, but the compliments I get from other moms on the stroller aren’t too bad, either! Every morning I have at least one parent come up to comment on how sleek and stylish the Xplory is. That’s what I love most about it — it combines looks and function, resulting in an all-around awesome stroller.

Next month we’ll be in the thick of winter, so I’ll be taking the Stokke Xplory on some indoor activities. I haven’t used it in an indoor space yet, so I’m excited to see how it handles compared to the open outdoors!


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