Stokke Stroller Adventures

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Stokke Stroller Adventures

Ever since I received my amazing Stokke Xplory a few months before Reid was born, I have been DYING to use it. I never understood “stroller envy” before I became a parent, but now that I’m a mom to two little ones and got my hands on the Xplory, I get it! I love having such a stylish and functional stroller to push my new baby in, and have received a TON of compliments on it. My husband says he even gets compliments on it from other dads when he takes it out for a spin!

Our Xplory comes with us everywhere. Because it folds down so compactly, we slide it into the back of our vehicle and it’s ready to pull out whenever we need it. Now that Reid is two months old and I’m (slowly!) becoming used to having two children, we’ve been taking it out for many activities.

Our latest venture was to Crescent Park, our city’s gorgeous twenty-eight acre park. My daughter, a highly active five-year-old, likes to run as fast as her legs can take her and venture off the paths, and the Xplory was a breeze to steer over the thick grass, wet gravel and bumpy paths we met along the way. Reid loved how smooth the ride was, and you could see he was quite comfortable in the stroller. It was the perfect stroller to have while spending a day walking and playing at the park!

I can’t wait to see where we’ll be with our Stokke Xplory next!

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  1. i have the xplory too and just recently took it on a trip to alabama. definitely got ‘looks’ from other moms. (hopefully good ones!)
    but i wouldn’t say it folds compactly. maybe i’m doing it wrong, but that’s my 1 complaint about the xplory.I wish it would fold down or halfway so that it didn’t take all the space in my trunk.

  2. Mary, do you find that it’s troublesome to fold down or just that it doesn’t fold down as compactly as you’d like? I found it needed to be worked in a bit before it was really easy to fold down. I had a Graco Quattro travel system with my first, and it seems to fold down and take much less space than the Graco. That’s what I’ve been comparing it to 🙂

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