Simple Thanksgiving centerpiece from the Dollar Tree

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Thanksgiving, the holiday to celebrate giving thanks with family and friends, is one of my favorite holidays. The cool, crisp air, fall colors and smell of cinnamon and nutmeg warms my heart and immediately makes me want to bake, craft and gather with friends and family. Thanksgiving is also the perfect holiday to unleash your inner “hostess with the mostess.”

Make a special Thanksgiving centerpiece

As a hostess, one of the subtle ways I like to show appreciation to my guests is by having a really amazing centerpiece. They may not notice the extra time and effort right away, but I guarantee it adds to the overall effect of my gathering. Given the opportunity to create an affordable, simple and gorgeous centerpiece with materials from my local Dollar Tree, I am super happy with what I have created.

Thanksgiving Centerpiece

By using classic, inexpensive items from the Dollar Tree — where everything is only $1 — as well as fresh produce from the grocery store, I created a dynamite centerpiece that was not only easy, but it’ll knock any guest’s socks off.

Thanksgiving Centerpiece

The best part of this centerpiece? I didn’t have to use any glue to attach any of the produce, so they’re totally still edible!

Thanksgiving Centerpiece

I created a “Thanks” banner using a purple bucket from the Dollar Tree, construction paper, craft paper, craft scissors, glue, tape and coffee stir sticks. The entire banner project took less than half an hour to create because I wasn’t trying to be “perfect”, I was going for slightly imperfect with tons of character (like me!). Dollar Tree Thanksgiving Centerpiece 2

Then I took glass candle holders from the Dollar Tree, which are always in stock, and wrapped fresh produce around them using twine. I picked out the center artichoke leaves to set the tea light in the center, and used double-stick tape on the glass candle holder for the green beans, just to make tying them with the twine easier. The purple kale was by far the easiest because it was big and bushy and easily secured with the twine.

Dollar Tree Thanksgiving Centerpiece 5

After all of the pieces are completed, simply arrange them on the table, lay some Dollar Tree floral pieces in between and there it is! An amazing, simple and dynamic centerpiece! The entire centerpiece took about 1 hour to complete. I do suggest creating it the day of your event because the fresh produce won’t last forever.

For more inspirational centerpiece ideas, log on to the Dollar Tree website.


This is a sponsored post on behalf of Dollar Tree. All opinions are my own.

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  1. These are so creative! I didn’t even know that Dollar Tree had vegetables.

  2. So great! Reminds me of Tomorrow Land with all the edible landscaping. 🙂

  3. This is too cute. I’ll have to try this if I’m up to it with the husband being deployed I’m not in much of the holiday spirit. I gotta get rid of this BahHumBug mentality and fast. HAHA

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