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Scholar Dollars wants to give your school money

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Our kids spend a lot of their lives in their classrooms, and each day teachers work with their students to maximize learning. Those teachers often work tirelessly, and with limited resources, to create an engaging learning environment. To know a teacher is to know someone who makes personal sacrifices to help make their classroom a better place for their students. Grants Available to California Schools

Scholar Dollars gives classrooms a boost

The California State Treasurer, John Chiang, recently announced the Scholar Dollars program, administered by ScholarShare, California’s 529 college savings plan. Scholar Dollars will award 20 grants of up to $25,000 each to eligible K-8 public and charter schools in California. Grant amounts depend on school size, and recipients enjoy a great deal of flexibility regarding use of grant funds. Schools can spend their grant money on musical instruments, computers, library books, sports equipment, or support enrichment programs such as tutoring labs, student counseling, science and technology and many other activities

Scholar Dollars

Details about Scholar Dollars

First, during the Scholar Dollars registration period, school administrators can register for the program and apply for grants. All registered schools will appear on an online ballot, along with respective details on how each plans to use the funds if they are selected.

Then, during March, parents, relatives, boosters, and community supporters can vote for their school. Top vote-getters in each category will receive an award, and grant recipients will be announced in early April.

How to get Scholar Dollars into your school

If you happen to be a school administrator, you can register your own school. If you’re a parent or community member, contact school administration about registering your school. Let your school know about the grant program and encourage them to register. Then get to work rallying votes for your school.

Since most of us aren’t school administrators, we did some brainstorming. We hope you’ll consider our ideas about how to spread the word about Scholar Dollars. Remember, eligible schools in your California community have until February 22 to register.

  • Contact your school administrators directly
  • Get in touch with your PTA/PTO
  • Share the Scholar Dollars information on social media
  • Talk to your child’s teacher

Lastly, don’t forget to thank your teachers for all the work they do in the classroom. Just think of the additional programs your students will benefit from with a Scholar Dollars grant in place.

Learn more about the Scholar Dollars program

Do you know of a school that could benefit from the Scholar Dollars program?

This post was developed in partnership with Scholar Share. All ideas are our own.

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