five creative ways to repurpose empty wipes containers

5 Creative ways to reuse wipe containers

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5 Creative Was to Repurpose Empty Wipe Containers

Since having kids, my house has slowly become overrun with all of the typical baby gear, as expected. Something I didn’t expect? Stacks and stacks of empty wipe containers. It you’re anything like me, you get a new plastic wipe tub each and every time you buy a box of refills. Two years later, and I’ve found myself with dozens stashed away in different parts of the house.

Instead of tossing the extras, I’ve come up with a few creative ways to reuse wipe containers. Best of all? You already have all the supplies you need!

5 Ways to Repurpose Old Wipes Containers

1. Sturdy snack tote

Nobody likes a mushy banana! Empty wipe boxes are the perfect size for a snack on the go. It keeps fruit from getting bruised and crackers from getting crumbly. Every mama knows, a fed kid is a happy kid!

2. Craft supply central

We spend many afternoons coloring, painting, and gluing craft projects together at our house, so it’s nice to have all the supplies organized and accessible. The paints go in one box, brushes in another, and so on. Crafting with kids is messy, but storage doesn’t have to be!

How to Use Old Wipes Containers

3. Car quiet box

Car rides can get long (and noisy!) with a toddler in the backseat. I like to throw together a box of fun toys that keep my daughter busy. A current favorite is this bright lacing bead set. The best part is that you can also easily take these boxes into a restaurant, a doctor appointment or a play date easily!

4. Trusty treasure box

Anybody else have a kiddo who loves collecting “treasures” throughout the day? My daughter gets to keep whatever can fit in her box and once the box is full, she has to decide which items to keep and which items to cut. It keeps her “treasures” manageable and mess to a minimum!

Playtime Wipes for Baby Dolls

5. Perfect pretend play

This is the most obvious use for the box, but my daughter just loves pretending to diaper her dolls. Simply find a scrap of fabric (t-shirt, handkerchief, etc), cut it into strips, and voila! Just like mommy!

What are some ways you like to repurpose baby items?

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