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Rack Room Shoes for Back to School + Help a Great Cause

Each year, children head back to school with ill-fitting or damaged shoes because they have no other options. Even worse, some children are not able to attend school because they have no shoes at all. Rack Room Shoes is proud to partner with Shoes That Fit, a national non-profit organization that provides shoes to disadvantaged children, for the Back to School season.

We think that this is a tremendous cause. Not only are we focused on shopping and style, we love these accessible, easy ways that we can teach giving and social good actions to our children. Over the course of seven years, Rack Room Shoes has put new shoes on the feet of more than 89,000 kids, and last year raised more than half a million dollars for needy children going back to school.

Easy social good with kids

This year when you go back to school shopping for your kiddos at Rack Room Shoes, involve your kids in making a simple five dollar donation to Shoes That Fit. 100 percent of your $5 gift will go to buying shoes for kids in need. We think that’s pretty savvy!


Free customizable totes

As thanks for your contribution, your child will receive a cool tote bag that he or she can color. As pictured above, my girls spent an entire afternoon on this fun project (a wonderful time period of peace for which I would have donated much more than a five dollars for).I also explained to the girls that the money donated for these tote backs goes to children that need new shoes for back to school, it was a great way to talk to them about children that are not as fortunate as them.

Back to school shopping with heart

Of course, you will also find loads of high quality shoes and on-trend styles for your scholars — check out our top picks from Rack Room Shoes below. It is a total back to school win-win.  Every child deserves to start their year off on the right foot!

Rack Room Shoes



Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.  We hare this with you because we support this worth while cause and program.

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