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Four-eye style: Celebrity kids who wear glasses

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Four-eyed celebrity kid glasses style

Long gone are the days when needing to wear glasses as a kid was as bad as having a permanent case of cooties. Now, kids are even rocking fake glasses, just to get that cool, intellectual hipster vibe. These celebrity kids are famous for their four-eye style!

Violet AffleckCelebrity Kids with Glasses- Violet Affleck

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There is something about Violet Affleck, daughter of mega-movie stars Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, that is super endearing. Maybe it’s because she looks like she could be any of our own daughters… you know, us non-celebrities? Violet isn’t shy about wearing color and that extends to her choice in glasses as well. These bright pink specs are typical for Violet, who has been wearing glasses since she was a little one.

Monroe Cannon

Celebrity kids with glasses - Monroe Cannon, Mariah Carey

Photo via Pinterest

Because the daughter of Mariah Carey isn’t adorable enough, adding glasses to the mix — typically in pink — skyrockets Monroe Cannon’s sweetness rating off the charts. Monroe, who was born in Spring 2011, along with her twin brother, Moroccan, is turning 3 years old this week and we can imagine that trying to keep her mini-glasses on her face is practically a full-time job for the uber-famous Mimi.

Romeo Beckham

Celeb Kids with Glasses- Romeo Beckham

Photo via Pinterest

If your last name is Beckham, there isn’t much you can do to look geeky… even sporting full-blown wire-rimmed frames, as Romeo Beckham is sporting here. We’ve tried to discover if any David and Victoria Beckham’s kids are truly in the four-eye club — both Brooklyn and Romeo are often photographed wearing glasses off the red carpet — but when you look this cute in specs, we suppose it doesn’t really matter if you need them or not!

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  1. As a mom of a 6 year old (who’s worn glasses since a month before her 5th birthday), bravo for this! My daughter wears the same brand as Monroe Cannon, Miraflex glasses. They weren’t that expensive, made of a bendable silicone and they have a band to stay on the back of her head. She can play sports with them and they don’t break. I’m so happy that we went with that brand (an pediatric opthamologist friend had recommended them). We put the Transitions coating on them, so they turn into sunglasses outside.

  2. Thanks for including our pin of Romeo Beckham. We love the styles of eyewear available to kids. It’s a fun fashion accessory. In fact, we have some young patients who WANT glasses!

  3. Check out my eyeglass charms. They are removable and interchangeable. My students(I teach reading) are loving changing them daily. The kids without glasses are Jealous.

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