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From video monitors to smart bands, Project Nursery takes technology for your nursery to a whole new level. Not only that, but PN does it in a chic way only a web site devoted to nursery fashion can provide. Let’s dive deep into some smart and stylish new products designed to make your nursery a high-tech hotspot.


Project Nursery Smart Sight & Sound Projector

From the day she was born, my littlest — now 2 years old — has always had entertainment in her crib. I find it helps her to self-soothe, lulls her to sleep and keeps her calm and entertained. With lots of experience, I can say the Smart Sight + Sound Projector is as close to perfect as they come.

I love the beautiful design with smart features, like being able to angle and direct where the overhead projection goes. The projector comes with three interchangeable image wheels to keep baby engaged. The wheels easily tuck into a handy, on-board storage compartment to keep them safe when not in use. A nightlight with three brightness settings allows you to adjust the brightness settings of the projected image! Preloaded sounds include heartbeat, ocean waves, rain, forest, heartbeat and two lullabies which can be set to play for 15, 30 or 60 minutes before being shut off automatically. However, the nightlight will stay on after the sounds end. My favorite feature is the Bluetooth connection. Connect your phone to the projector and play your own music through the speakers. Some nap times call for indie rock, and others beg for Beethoven.

Although not directly marketed for travel, we recently took a short trip and Smart Sight + Sound Projector was small enough to fit easily in my suitcase and made nap time away from home, in an unfamiliar environment, no problem at all. But if you’re specifically looking for something a little more portable, check out the Sound Soother + Nightlight collection from Project Nursery that comes in adorable animal shapes and has the option to run on battery power. (Project Nursery Smart Sight + Sound Projector, $50)

Project Nursery Video Baby Monitor System with Digital Zoom Camera

Recently, Project Nursery knocked the video monitor market for a loop. They introduced the first “mini monitor” that came with their High Definition Baby Monitor System. Since then, they released 5 separate monitoring systems. I happily got my little hands on the Project Nursery Video Baby Monitor System With Digital Zoom, and it did not disappoint. The super sleek camera is wall mountable — a must in my option — and offers digital zoom and infrared capabilities with a range of up to 800 feet. The monitor also detects temperature and plays preset sounds and lullabies. I’ve never had as an option in a monitor before so I wasn’t sure I would use it, but I ended up using it all the time. 

The LCD parent unit is a large 4.3” and offers a nice, clear picture with 8 hours of battery life. It boasts talkback, and motion, sound, and temperature alerts — a must-have in extremely hot or cold climates. The inability of this particular model to pan or tilt from the parent unit is literally the only downfall of this excellent monitor. If you need that feature, other models offered by Project Nursery have it, and they even have a new wifi option as well! (Project Nursery Video Baby Monitor System with Digital Zoom Camera, $150)

Project Nursery Parent + Baby Smart Band

I constantly wear a fitness tracker, because counting steps gives me a ton of satisfaction. Now, imagine if your fitness tracker could help step up your parenting game as well? The new Parent + Baby Smart Band combines a water resistant pregnancy, baby and fitness tracker in a smart and stylish design. For fitness, it does your usual step and distance counting. In addition, it counts your calories, tracks your weight and tracks your hydration. For pregnancy, this smart band tracks fetal movement, doctor appointments, pregnancy weight and supplement intake. Lastly, for baby, the Smart Band becomes a scheduling machine. It allows you to set schedules for diaper changes, nap time (genius for sleep training) and feedings. This beauty even reminds you of scheduled doctors appointments and tracks baby weight. It doesn’t get any smarter than that! (Project Nursery Parent + Baby Smart Band, $80)

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