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This summer to keep cool we have been taking the kids on many little weekend getaways.  We are a family on the move in the summertime.  We like to hotel hop around Southern California and well to do that and keep it cost efficient that means bringing along our own snacks and food for the road.

When leaving the house with kids to go anywhere, I always pack an arsenal of healthy things to have on hand.  We love hotels that don’t mind if you bring in your own snacks and cooler to the pool, but even if that is not allowed we like to have things in the room or for a day spent at the beach.

I typically pack and cut up a lot of fruit, grab granola bars, nut mixes, yogurt, and crackers or chips.  One of our favorite places to stop at before we head out if we need to grab a few things is Trader Joes, they always have great snack options that are healthy and reasonably priced.

Hudson loves Hansen’s!  My son is a bit of a root beer addict and so I like to buy the root beer from Hansen’s Natural Soda.  My daughter loves the Hansen’s Pomegranate flavor.  Normally those are the two flavors we buy, but this summer we have been trying out some other flavors like the cherry vanilla creme, orange mango and the key lime twist.  The cherry vanilla creme is my favorite of the bunch, it’s to die for!

If my kids are going to have soda, I’d rather give them Hansen’s.  Hansen’s is a natural cane soda is derived from real fruits and spices grown around the world  and Hansen’s uses real cane sugar rather than high fructose corn syrup.  It contains no caffeine, no preservatives, no sodium, no high fructose corn syrup, uses real cane sugar and comes in a recyclable can.

Have you had a Hansen’s?  What is your favorite flavor?

What do you pack for a typical summer day?

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Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post all my savvy thoughts and  sassy opinions are my own.  We honesty love Hansen’s at our house.  Hansen’s sent me product taste and try.

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  1. Andrea! Thank you so much for your post! I love that photo of your son doing the thumbs up! I love the cherry vanilla too. We keep a ton of it in the fridge at Everywhere. Have a great weekend!!

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