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When you’re pregnant for the first time, you start hearing all kinds of stories from your friends or other moms about what happens to your body and how you should prepare for this or that.  You hear about tips on how you should sleep when the baby sleeps and all it continues throughout the first year on pretty much anything and everything.  

In all the advice I was given there was little tidbit of information that I never really heard!  That right about when your child is 3-4 month, right when you’re starting to feel yourself again and wanting to dress up a bit, your outfit will never be complete!  It is right about that time you will stop wearing jewelry!  Earrings?  Necklaces?  Yep, they are all gone!  As soon as that sweet baby is able to grasp, the sparkly draws them straight in!  Necklaces will be broken, earnings ripped from your ears.  I’ve been going to work for months now and realize once i’m there that my outfit could totally use a good necklace or bracelet.  BOOO!

I heard about this company out of the UK called Mama Jewels.  They make all kinds of cute jewelry that:

  • Baby-proof
  • Non-toxic
  • Washable (For when baby chews on it)
  • Good quality and strong!

I need to put this to the test for sure!

Picked out a cute necklace and viola a few days later they had send me a sweet little package on my doorstep.  I open it up and was excited to put it on.  It took about 3.2 seconds when this happened:

Necklace in tiny hand and straight into the mouth!
Of course, I quickly grab the camera to document how it was fully put to the test.  And it passed with flying colors.  Its very durable and and cute all at the same time!  All you can ask for as a Sassy Mom!

I highly recommend checking out Mama Jewels selection.  Now your outfits will be complete without the worry of them breaking or them getting ripped out of your ears!

P.S.  I did receive the necklace for free, but all thoughts and opinions are my own

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