Summertime s’mores bar

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Nothing says summer and the great outdoors quite like s’mores. From camping to fireside BBQs and everything in between, there’s one thing we know for sure – a s’mores bar will make for tons of ooey gooey, and oh so yummy, memories.

The setup

Whether you are making s’mores with friends, at a BBQ, or just for an after dinner treat this summer, having all your supplies and ingredients in one place will make things easier. We like gathering everything we need and setting it up ahead of time to make the s’mores making process run smoothly. When you are setting up, don’t forget skewers or marshmallow roasting sticks that are long enough to keep you and your kiddos a safe distance from the flames. We love these reusable telescoping roasting sticks because they keep kids a safe distance from the fires and also have non-sharp prongs that make them perfect for use around kids.


Get creative

When shopping for your s’mores supplies, think outside of the box a little!  Getting creative with your ingredients can make for fun and unique flavors. Chocolate graham crackers make a delicious alternative to regular graham crackers and we’ve even used cookies before!


Different types of chocolate and a variety of candies can add a twist to the traditional s’mores we all know and love. This gives kids the chance to personalize their s’mores to their unique tastes.


The cleanup

No matter what type of s’mores end up being created, one thing is certain. When the eating is done, the mess will stick around. Literally.  The melted chocolate and sticky marshmallow leaves little hands and faces covered. One must on nights like this is to keep a pack of wipes handy for an easy cleanup.


Does your family like making s’mores? What are your favorite summertime treats?

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