Spectacular summer salads

Spectacular summer salad roundup

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Spectacular summer salad roundup
Get fresh with a summer salad

Even if you don’t love them the rest of the year, summer is the perfect time to start adding salad recipes to your dinner rotation. Summer salad varieties take full advantage of in-season produce. Your ingredients will burst with flavor and please all sorts of picky palates. We’ve found nine spectacular salads you need to try before summer’s end.

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9 summer salads you won’t want to miss

Pesto Tortellini Salad
Basil is one of the simplest herbs to grow. If you’re just starting a garden, plant basil and make yourself feel accomplished with a bumper crop of the tasty herb. Your fresh pesto will be a hit in this summer pasta salad.

Quick Summer Salad
Summer salad doesn’t have to be complicated. With a few common ingredients, this fresh and quick summer salad will soon become one of your favorite lunches.

Red Chard Fruit Salad
Red chard and walnuts take this fruit salad from basic to mouth-watering. The tangy grapefruit and salty feta pair beautifully with the sweet and tangy dressing, making this an unforgettable summer salad.

BLT Cornbread Panzanella
Everyone loves bacon, and the crispy meat pairs beautifully with the slightly sweet taste of cornbread in this version of Panzanella salad. A little sweet and a little salty, it’s going to quickly become the salad people insist you bring to barbecues.

Peruvian Style Potato Salad
This Peruvian twist on potato salad uses a creamy habañero dressing, so it adds a kick to the classic picnic dish. Queso fresco keeps the dish from becoming overwhelmingly spicy, so it’s a fun way to infuse a little heat to your dinner.

Cobb Salad-to-Go Tumblers
Whether you’re making your own personal salad for lunch on-the-go or serving a large crowd of people, these layered Cobb salads are a neat way to portion out the classic salad. Just shake and serve!

Mojito Grilled Chicken Salad
Not all mojitos are served in a glass — though the minty, refreshing cocktail would pair nicely with this chicken salad. With avocado and chicken, this is definitely a main dish salad and would be lovely served on a deck or patio.

Rainbow Kelp Noodle Salad
Some days are just too hot to cook, but you’re in the mood for something more than veggies. Kelp noodles are a staple at health food stores and a satisfying, no-cook substitute for regular pasta. The lemon almond ginger dressing on this salad is fresh and full of flavor.

Quinoa and Bell Pepper Salad
Quinoa is a great way to make your salad into a filling meal without adding meat. The healthy, complete protein is becoming a staple in warm, cozy recipes, but it makes a refreshing chilled salad, too.

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