Planting the Perfect Spring Garden

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Spring is here! Finally. And that means it’s time to start planting your gardens. It’s a great family activity and a great excuse for the little ones to get their hands (and whole bodies) dirty. Here’s how to get started.

spring garden planting, strawberries

Strawberries in a big ol’ pot.

Get Your Plot On

Start with a good plot of tilled soil. For our garden, we bricked off a bit of land to keep it separate from the rest of the yard. You really don’t need much space to grow a good crop. You can also use large planters, like the one above, for things like tomatoes and other vine growing plants. If your soil is not good quality, you can buy planting soil at the hardware store that already has fertilizer in it – a good choice for lazy gardeners who might skip a few watering sessions here and there.


spring garden planting

Grab Some Supplies

You’re gonna need a few supplies – gloves, sprayer, mulch (helps keep the moisture in the soil in between waterings), spade and a shovel, vegetable/fruit feed. While this might seem daunting, all of it is on sale – like right now – at your local hardware supply store.


Thai Basil in the forefront, Anaheim chilies in the background.

Choose Your Weapon

Now you can get down to the fun stuff. What are you going to plant? Since I live in sunny Los Angeles, we can grow quite a few different things that need full sunlight. We chose tomatoes, corn, pumpkins, belly peppers, Anaheim chilies, carrots, strawberries, Thai basil and cucumbers. I know, I know. That sounds like a lot! But really, it’s a great mix of veggies that will yield a tasty crop. A simple online search will help you figure out what grows best in your neighborhood.


Corn and sweet bell peppers.

Plant It

Follow the directions for each given plant. Make sure you space them correctly, so that you can anticipate for growth. You can use stakes and twine to section off rows, but I found it easier to just mound dirt so that each row of plants is a bit elevated. Some things grow well together like beans and bell peppers, tomatoes and basil, cucumbers and peas, and more. You’ll actually have a bigger yield by paring things together like this. Another quick search can help you come up with some great veggie combos for your garden.


Tomatoes – heirlooms and beefsteak.

Water, Watch, Wait

Keep things hydrated by watering every other day. Be sure to feed your plants with plant food. Keep watch for weeds and bugs. Wait, for the fruits (or veggies) of your labor to show. Enjoy!

Moms, what are you growing in your garden this Spring?

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