Face Your Pregnancy Travel Fears

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Walking-On-Travels---Keryn-Means--Pregnant-Travels-001Pregnancy is a beautiful and somewhat scary time for a woman. We watch what we eat, stay away from toxins, and try to avoid anything that may harm our growing baby. Many women stick close to home thinking any sort of travel may be too exhausting, or could hurt their child. I’m here to tell you (and please note that I am NOT a doctor) that travel is not only OK, but it is beneficial to you. You need to get out, explore, stretch you muscles, and most of all stay sane during this nine-month incubation period. You just have to be smart about it.

Second Trimester babymoon

Generally by your second trimester you should start to feel a bit better. Not like yourself, but your energy will hopefully be coming back, and your morning (or all day) sickness will be dying down a bit. This is the time to head out the door. Your third trimester will bring along with it a bigger baby, more backaches, and travel restrictions from your doctor and the airlines. Take advantage of this 3-month window while you can.

Walking-On-Travels---Keryn-Means--Pregnant-Travels-004Plan carefully

If you suffered from severe morning sickness in your first trimester, think about avoiding boat travel and opting for plane, car, or even train travel for your getaway. Pick a quiet spot where you will be sure to relax, but also have options to get out and explore. Your body needs to move no matter how much your brain says to sit on the couch.

Keep hydrated

You know you need to drink extra water while pregnant, but that is never more true as when you travel. Planes dehydrate you, and added activities will too. If you opt for a beach vacation, or even trekking in the snow, you will need to have that water bottle on hand to avoid any complications.

Walking-On-Travels---Keryn-Means--Pregnant-Travels-002Snacks. Snacks. And more Snacks.

I don’t know about you but I was a very cranky pregnant woman. If my blood sugar dropped my husband knew he had to pull over at the first possible spot to get me food of any kind to avoid the monster mommy crawling out. Have cereal bars, fruit, nuts, or some other sort of healthy snack in your bag at all times when traveling. If you are hiking there isn’t always a convenience store near by to satisfy your craving.

Remember your personal style

Pregnancy is a time to throw on those comfy pants, but also time to show off your body at its best. Whether you are headed to your closest city, jet setting off to Europe, or playing the life of a beach bum in the Hawaiian islands, now is the time to show off that gorgeous body, wear clothes that make you feel beautiful. Try new colors, a new pair of shades, fresh make up routine, and pull out all that fab jewelry and accessories in your closet. Soon enough baby will be here and you may forget about you for a little while.

Walking-On-Travels---Keryn-Means--Pregnant-Travels-003Whether this is your first or your fifth child we all know life is going to change a bit once that baby arrives. Now is your time to celebrate your family in its current size before your new addition changes the dynamic, which it will in the best way possible.

All advice is from my own personal experience. Please consult your doctor before planning travel of any kind if you are unsure of your physical ability to do so. 

Meet the Author | Keryn

Keryn is an East Coast native living life as a freelance writer in Seattle surrounded by her two little boys and one incredible husband. When not dragging the men in her life across the globe you can find Keryn writing on her blog Walking On Travels, a site that gives hope to today’s modern parent that doesn’t see kids as a roadblock to travel, but an excuse to get out the door and explore. Keryn has laughed at the naysayers by bringing her boys to far off lands like China, Hong Kong, Japan, Hawaii, back and forth across the USA, Mexico, Canada, and even across Europe. Keryn loves to encourage families to take that first step out the door, the hardest step of all.

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  1. Good suggestions. I had my own babymoon disaster – flown by helicopter off a resort island in the middle of the night in pre-term labour. So the only thing I would add is being careful to pick destinations where medical assistance is readily available.

  2. Author

    Great advice Danielle. Knowing you can get help will add a piece of mind that many of us need when traveling pregnant for sure!

  3. Great advice! I’m definitely all about the style advice. We’re leaving for our babymoon tomorrow and I’ve a set a of new maternity clothes I’m taking with me. Like you said, once the baby is here it will be all about the baby. So, I’m going to pamper and make myself feel beautiful 🙂 xo

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