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Phil and Teds enhances Navigator and Smart

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New Zealand-based Phil and Teds has been setting trends for inline strollers for many years now — and they are still on the cutting edge for innovation. They currently have the most high-tech running stroller in existence (called the Sub4) along with some really luxurious buggies such as the Verve and Promenade. Phil and Teds inserts a pop of color with seat liners and hoods that give your buggy a unique look.

But they are best known for their three-wheeled all-terrain buggies that transform from a single to a double.

Phil and Teds Navigator V2

Phil and Teds Navigator V2

Navigator V2

One of the most important points of innovation is safety. How can strollers offer maximum safety?

Phil and Teds has thought of something entirely new. Over the handle bar is a red braking lever that you hold with the handle bar. When the lever is pressed to the handle, your brakes are disengaged and you can go.

When you let go of your handle, the brakes automatically engage, hence the Auto Stop feature. Moms, you know how distracted we can become, whether it’s tending to another child or reaching for your cell phone.

I remember my own all-terrain stroller and having to always be extra mindful when I came to a stoplight at an intersection to engage the brake while waiting. Or walking in a hilly neighborhood stopping at a yard sale or two. If something catches your attention and you don’t remember to put on the brakes, a potential disaster is possible. This is why the Phil and Teds Auto Stop feature is such a great idea.

When I first learned about the Navigator Auto Stop, I thought that it would be a bit of a pain to always have to clamp my hands down around the lever to hold it to the handle. I like to sometimes push with a relaxed hand, open-palmed or with my fingers, or one-handed to the side while I power walk. But I learned that the handle has a little slider that goes over the braking lever, holding it to the handle if you know you won’t be needing the brakes. That did it — that sold me on the idea that this is really a good thing.

This short video shows you the details about the Auto Stop feature and how handy it is.

Now let’s add some color!


Phil and Teds Smart 4 buggy has color combinations that YOU choose.


Phil and Teds Smart buggy doesn’t get the limelight that its siblings do, and it should! It’s a beautifully designed stroller that has a reversing seat and can hold the Peanut bassinet or car seat. The Smart is a nice lightweight convertible stroller for someone who wants convenience of a reversing seat with a streamlined design.

To capture more attention, Phil and Teds decided to go with the trend of bold blocks of color.

The older version of the Smart came only in black with either a black or red canopy. Now you can choose the seat color, hood color and seat liner color to get a combination that best fits your style and statement you want to make to the world.

The seat has seven color choices — lemon yellow, hot pink, bubblegum blue, lime green, tangerine orange, licorice black or tan almond.

The hood has six choices — raspberry red, hot pink, bubblegum blue, candy floss light pink, tangerine orange or licorice black.

Then, if you want a seat liner, choose from the same colors as the hood.

The Phil and Teds website has a way you can see what your color combinations would look like on your Smart. It’s really cool!

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