Blowouts be gone with Poopsies

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Poopsies onesies collage
Mom enemy #1

We’re going to get down to the nitty gritty of motherhood today. Are you ready for it? The subject is something we can all come together about — diaper blowouts. The bane of my existence as a mother to an infant — or, one of them, anyway — is when you go to change your baby’s diaper, and realize that it has blown out everywhere. Legs, back, up to their neck (HOW do they manage to do that!?), in their bellybutton — and worst of all, you usually have a onesie that is either severely filthy, or ruined. I’ve thrown out many a onesie because even after several washes, that stubborn baby poop just would not come out. It becomes frustrating to throw away money like that, when there MUST be a better solution, right?

The solution

Poopsies is a onesie that is equipped with a waterproof lining to keep diaper blowouts from getting out and staining clothes. Created by Annemarie Waters, a mom of four (and expert when it comes to diaper blowouts, I imagine), and sewn in her hometown of Seattle with fabrics made in the USA, Poopsies are a time and money-saver by keeping not only your baby’s clothes from getting ruined, but your clothes too! I know there have been several times where Reid’s explosion has made its way onto my clothing, and Poopsies would have saved me from a ton of anguish (and laundry).

Testing out Poopsies

When I was approached to try out Poopsies, I was a bit skeptical. My son can have pretty major diaper blowouts — how was a onesie with a teeny protective layer built in going to save his onesie from being thrown in the garbage? But, seeing as I was tired of getting rid of stained onesies, I thought I would give it a go. What mom doesn’t want to save a trip to the store to buy yet another cart load of baby onesies? So, I dressed Reid up in his Poopsies onesie, and waited for the real test. Later that day, he had a bit of a leak — and I am happy to report that it was completely contained within the onesie! I didn’t have to sit and scrub at a stain or throw the onesie out — I was able to toss it in the washing machine with the rest of his clothes and go about my day. Then voila! It emerged from the dryer completely clean and stain-free.

The verdict

I love the fit of the onesie and the amazingly soft material it’s made out of. It is perfect for a baby’s sensitive skin, and also for layering on those chilly days. Reid sports a navy blue Poopsie, but here are a few other great selections from the line:

diaper blowout solution, Poopsies

Genesis short sleeve

shobi long sleeveShobi long sleeve

Poopsies, sammi short sleeve

Sammi short sleeve

dakota long sleeve

Dakota long sleeve

I can’t wait to add more Poopsies onesies to Reid’s collection! Which one is your favourite?

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