Introducing the functional, fashionable Beco baby carrier {#Giveaway}

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When my son was born, he hated being in the carrier and in turn, I hated wearing it. Grant it we had a cheap knock off from a bargain brand store, so that probably had something to do with it.

This time around, I am determined to have my infant enjoy and stay in a baby carrier. I’ve done a lot of research and my heart now belongs to Beco. I mean, just look at these – they are totally stylish, but are built for comfort. I’m talking real comfort for both parent and baby. The key is even weight distribution, so you never feel overloaded. And the carriers grow with your baby.

There are two versions of the Beco baby carrier – the Soleil and the Gemini – both of which offer a complete array of features to fit your needs.


The Gemini is a no nonsense carrier that grows with your baby and has front-facing in, front-facing out, in-hip carry or back- carry configurations. Yes, that’s a 4-1 carrier. Since it fits babies up to 35 pounds, there’s no need to get a new carrier as you transition from infant to toddler.

Beco Baby Soleil

The Soleil takes it one step further with all the form and function of the Gemini with some added bells and whistles. It’s perfect for those moms who are looking to use their baby carriers every single day, not just on outings or walks. The roomy pocket on the waist belt and the added key and toy ring, rounds out the features. It is adaptable with a variety of add-ons with their accessory pack, which includes an infant insert, a large sleep hood and organic drooling pads.

All of them come in a variety of stylish colors and designs that are bright, cheerful and totally modern. It makes choosing a seemingly ordinary piece of baby equipment fun. Plus all fabrics are 100 percent organic cotton, and washable.


I can totally see my hubby using this carrier as well. He never felt quite comfortable using a sling or our old carrier with our first son. He felt the need to hold on to him, which totally defeated the purpose of being “hands free.” I can already tell that the added padding, and secure harness straps will add a whole other layer of security to the mix. He’s going to feel right at ease.

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Meet the Author | Christina Montoya Fiedler

Christina Montoya Fiedler is a Los Angeles native - born and raised. Before becoming a mom, and writing for various parenting sites so she could be home full time with her son, she was a publicist representing environmentally progressive architects and contractors - one of whom just finished building a home completely out of parts from a Boeing 747. Now that's cool!

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  1. I love the Luca Black! To me it says little girl and I have 3 that would look so cute in this! Thanks for the opportunity!

  2. I love the Soleil in espresso!


  3. I like the gemini in luca black because it has everything I would need for everyday baby wearting without anything too fancy

  4. I like the Soleil in Luca Black. It looks like the best one for my toddler.

  5. I would love to try soleil because I have Beco Gemini and I love it, so trying the new Soleil would be awesome.

  6. I love the Soleil in Luca. Would be perfect for my toddler!

  7. My wife wants a Soleil but I like the look of the Gemini.

  8. I like Stella Black because I like the colors

  9. I like the Micah Espresso because it’s colorful and gender neutral

  10. I like the soleil because of it’s customization options and it’s higher weight limit.

  11. My friends had on and let me borrow her Gemini. I love it and would love my own. But we are in the process of adopting our son, so we don’t have allot of extra money.

  12. I like the Gemini because is cute and easy to use.

  13. I like the Soleil, I like the pockets and other features it has, plus the patterns are cute!

  14. Love the Gemini! With a second baby on the way, I think we’ll need to use a carrier a lot more than we did with my first!

  15. The Gemini in Micah Espresso would work great for me with our first child coming in October!!

  16. Love the Soleil in Luca Black! Love the functionality of it and the color. 🙂

  17. Luca Black. I like the bird on the design.

  18. I love the micah espresso because is colorful..

  19. I like the Soliel River, these look great!

  20. I’d love an Enzo Grey carrier! I have a two year old and another on the way & I think it would help with baby girl tremendously!

  21. The Soliel in Luca Black. Having my third girl in June/July. I feel this carrier would help me free up my hands so I can wrangle all my little ladies. 🙂

  22. I love the Soleil because it has a wide seat, weight range of 7-45 and all the great accessories. This carrier would be perfect because I will not be using a stroller and will need some place to store my wallet and phone. Thanks for the chance to win!

  23. I love the soleil in Enzo grey. Due in August with my 2nd boy

  24. I am so excited that the new Soliel has a pocket on the waist belt and an additional “day pack” that clips on the front, but wish it didn’t need an infant insert. I am so excited to use it with our First Baby coming in August!

  25. I love the soleil in Enzo grey because it is multifunctional and non gender specific!

  26. The Soleil in Enzo grey. It looks beautiful but also functional. And I would love to have a carrier that can put baby on my back.

  27. I like soleil in luca black. I just love that color.

  28. The Gemini would work best for our family and of course I’d go for the black…lol

  29. I like the soleil in the Luca Black. I like it because it has a higher weight range & wider seating than the gimini.

  30. Oh I like the Soliel in Micah Espresso! But I would take any one you would give me. Just blessed with a baby boy who would love to hang around his Momma in one. Thanks!

  31. I need one for #2 in the way. Don’t love my Baby Bjorn…

  32. I’m loving the Gemini Carrier especially in Luca!!

  33. These carriers are on my “to buy” list before baby #2. I like the soleil in luca black. So cute.

  34. I love Beco’s they are so stylish! My favorite here is the Luca 🙂

  35. I would love this! The Soleil looks awesome! With 2 other kids, it would be so convient to use for the new baby!

  36. Soliel in Micah Espresso. We wear all the time.

  37. I would love the Beco Soleil! It looks and sounds amazing and I love the idea of baby wearing on a daily basis and anything that makes that possible is awesome!

  38. oh my the soleil in luca black. the drool pads would be so useful!!!

  39. I would love the Soleil Carrier , I like that the base it a little wider and the pocket for keys would be awesome!

  40. Love the style of both of them! Each have really great features.

  41. I love the butterfly. I have the old butterfly I and I am still using it for my son @ 14mo. It is so easy to back carry with and the infant insert is the best – heads above ergo and other carriers. When I worked at a natural parenting store the Beco butterfly was always my first suggestion for new moms. Thanks for such an awesome giveaway!

  42. I love the Gemini in Stella Black. Black and gray is my favorite color combination. I have a moby and I would love to try a new carrier!!!!

  43. i like the soleil, because of the added accessories (especially the pocket and the key ring).

  44. I like the Beco Soleil Carrier in Micah Espresso. I love It is adaptable with a variety of add-ons with their accessory pack. I like that it has a large sleep hood and organic drooling pads. We got the Bjorn as a gift and it makes my shoulders ache every time. I would love to win a Beco!

  45. I would LOVE the Soleil in Stella Black. I’ll be having my second daughter the end of July. With chasing around my 3yo daughter and taking our two dogs to the dog park, this would be a perfect fit for me and my family 🙂

  46. I would love to win the Soleil. We have an Ergo and I don’t like it as much as a Beco but I am stuck with the Ergo because it was a gift and I can’t afford a new carrier.

  47. The Micah Espresso is fabulous! Not too girlie and not too boyish–works for them both! (and any futures:))

  48. Love the Soleil for all of the options it offers!

  49. Although I really like the Gemini, I think I’d go with the Soleil since it goes to 45 lbs and not just 35lbs.

  50. Would love this for my little guy. It is hard to get around sometimes with a 2 yr old and a 7 month old.

  51. The Soleil is my ideal. And the Micah Espresso is hey-impresso! After reading this, I’ve just fell in love with the patterns and designs on the Becos, this would be a great addition to my baby wearing journey.

  52. I love the Soleil because of the pocket on the waist belt! I would love to have one!

  53. Cheesy – but I LOVE them all and could see me wearing each and every style!

  54. Love the designs on these carriers! My 8 month old loves to cruise around with me in our current carrier, but one of these would be nicer than my current carrier!

  55. I have a Gemini and love it but would love to try the new Soleil!

  56. I love all of the styles! Beco makes some beautiful carriers!

  57. I love the Soleil in Luca Black! We still need to purchase a baby carrier and this looks like one that would fit our needs well. What a great giveaway!

  58. i love the luca black because it has all my fave colors!

  59. I love the Gemini for the front forward facing carry. My son only enjoys face in when tired and gets fussy in back carries since he can’t see over my shoulders yet.

  60. I like the Soleil in Stella Black, since it has the option of accessories pack including infant insert.

  61. I love the Gemini, they are so cute and very stylish. This is my first baby and I am so excited.

  62. I like the Soleil in Micah Espresso…so cute and looks incredibly comfortable since I plan to wear baby all the time 🙂

  63. I think I’d like the soleil, because of the pocket and toy ring.

  64. I love the the Gemini, and the fact you can do rear or front facing. I would baby wear all over if I could and I love the feeling of having her close to me at all times. The weight it can hold up to is great too, up to 35lbs!

  65. I like the Soleil. I have an older Beco Butterfly carrier that I love, and this looks like an even better version of that.

  66. I like the Enzo Grey one. The lighter color would be better for the hot weather we have here.

  67. I am a petite mom (5′ 1″) and I have heard awesome thing about this carrier that makes it more comfortable for someone my size to carry my (24lb 15 m.o. boy!)

  68. I like the Stella Black. The Gemini would work for me. I like to wear my baby but not all day every day.

  69. I would like the Gemini. I like that there is finally a baby carrier that is built properly for even weight distribution that allows a baby to face forward! I just had my 3rd son and I’d really like to get my hands back for a coule hours a day!

  70. I love the Luca Black. Its whimsical and playful 🙂

  71. Would love to win the Micah Espresso. Those are my daughters nursery colors!! So I hope I do win!!

  72. I like the Soleil in Stella black. That carrier is so nice looking and I’d love to carry my baby in it!

  73. the Soleil, as i need it for every day use

  74. I would love to try the soleil. It looks fantastic and super comfy!

  75. Enzo grey..its a neutral color for either sex..mainly i just think it is soo cute

  76. I would like the Soleil just because I plan on using it every single day so I can still play with and spend time with my son while having my daughter close.

  77. I own the Gemini and I have worn it almost every day since I was able to after recovering from my c-section. My baby is now 9 months old and is getting so long. I would LOVE the Soleil because it seems like a great older baby/toddler carrier. The longer toros and wider seat would be more comfortable for my little one, who likes to arch her back! The Enzo Grey would be beautiful 🙂

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