BabyBjörn High Chair and Feeding Time Favorites

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So you think your baby is ready for solid food?  But the question is, are you ready for solid food feeding?  You may need to do a few things to prepare yourself and your kitchen for this monumental and messy occasion.  Typically babies can start eating solid foods between 4 -6 months and once they can keep their head in a steady upright position.  But to make sure your baby is ready to start eating solid foods, you’ll want to read over this introducing solid foods checklist from our friends over at BabyCenter.

Whether you are going to be feeding your baby from a jar or whipping up your own homeade baby food, one thing is for sure, you’ll need a place to feed the baby.  Typically a highchair will be required, unless of course you want peas and carrots all over your couch.  The BabyBjörn High Chair is a sleek and compact highchair that safely seats a five month old up until three years. The compact design is what sets this highchair apart, for those of you living in urban spaces or have small kitchens this is a real gem!  The BabyBjörn  highchair is getting rave reviews and on average getting a 4.4 star rating.

Here are 3 main features:

Securely seated thanks to smart safety solutions 
The well conceived design with a unique safety solution guarantees your child is securely seated throughout mealtime. Along with the safety harness, the BABYBJÖRN High Chair features a foldable and lockable safety table that keeps your child firmly in place, preventing him or her from standing up or resting their feet on the tray so that the high chair tips backwards.

Easy to clean with detachable tray
Designed with parents in mind, the BABYBJÖRN High Chair is simple to keep clean with smooth surfaces without nooks and crannies where food can collect. It also features a detachable, dishwasher-safe tray. To further minimize mess, the safety table fits snugly against your child’s tummy and helps prevent food from falling into his or her lap.

Folds compactly for easy storage and transport
Space-saving design measures just 10 inches wide when folded.

The BabyBjorn highchair  retails for $274.99

The highchair is not the only thing to consider when starting to feed your baby solid foods.  There are many helpful accessories that go along with the job.  Everything from bowls and spoons to bibs and splat mats.  What’s a splat mat?  Splat Mats are like large placemats for under the highchair that are easy to wipe clean and protects the floor from all the spills and splats.  One of my favorites is the alphabet SugarBooger Splat Mat.

Suction bowls are another savvy invention meant for the child that likes to pick up the bowl and throw it across the room, oh because they will!  Most of the time you are their holding the bowl and scooping the food to feed baby, but as your child grows and has more hand coordination and can pick up small pieces of food  or start too feed themselves these suction bowls come in handy.

Another great item if you didn’t buy one already or you never use bottles is a drying rack for all the small feeding accessories.  You will most likely wash these by hand, even though many of these products are dishwasher safe for the top rack, but it’s pretty easy to quickly wash and just leave them out to dry.  Because you will be using them multiple times a day.

Feeding baby got even more convenient in the last couple of years thanks to the food pouches!  These are perfect for filling with home-ade food.  All your little one has to do is squeeze and suck.  This limits the mess and allows you more time to prepare the main dish.

Savvy Sassy Site:  Probably one of  the best online sources for starting baby on their first foods all the way through the toddler years to packing their lunches!


When did you start feeding your baby solid foods?   What products do you love to get the job done?

Leave your feeding tips and tricks with us!

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