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Lillebaby makes baby wearing a breeze

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I am a huge fan of baby wearing. I love it, my baby loves it, and everybody’s happy. Sometimes he’ll cry for apparently no reason, you know the story. You’ve checked all of the obvious culprits of the tears, and still the waterworks just will not stop. This is when I break out the Lillebaby carrier, and almost instantly the crying is no more. It really is like a miracle worker!

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Babies love being worn

It’s true: Babies love being worn. It reminds them of being in the womb, complete with lots of jerky movements and being rocked back and forth. Plus, the closeness to mama (or daddy!) is soothing and the body warmth is just what baby loves the most. I am a huge proponent of baby wearing: I just love the bonding that takes place while wearing my baby. I know he won’t be able to be worn forever, so I take every chance I get to do just that. Plus, it allows me to get things done since it frees my hands, but also keeps my baby happy knowing he’s being held.

all seasons carrier

The Lillebary carrier is great for all seasons

Lillébaby just debuted the All Seasons Carrier, which is perfect for cold and warm weather! You just zip the center panel up for warmth and zip it down to reveal a cool, breathable mesh. No need to buy separate carriers for each season, now you just need one! You and your baby are sure to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter and comfortable year round. It’s super lightweight (under 2 lbs) and is machine washable, which is an important feature with anything baby-related, let’s be honest.

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Lillébaby is the most versatile carrier yet

A few of the most impressive features of the Lillébaby All Seasons Carrier are its long carrier life (7-45 lbs), six different carrying positions and an adjustable seat. It is both versatile and comfortable, two things that are very important for a carrier! After walking around all day with my baby in it, neither of us was overheated and we were both comfortable! The extra padded straps and padded waistband made for an enjoyable wear and I love that it comes with an optional lumbar support. This carrier truly has it all!

Lillébaby retails for $135 and can be found online at

What’s the most important feature for you in a baby carrier?

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  1. This looks great for a newborn, but can’t imagine using it for the upper end of the weight limit they have sighted.

    That said, nothing I’ve seen has ever come close to this sling for baby wearing:

    The heart2heart sling was better and easier for – walking around, doing dishes, flying, eating out, breast feeding….. all activities, than any other babywearing contraption we found (and we tried them all…. @ least it felt like that).

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