Personal shopping website Moda Mi creates a boutique just for you!

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What I love about clothes shopping while in my 30’s is that I know what looks good on me. I’ve tried almost everything and I have narrowed down what types of clothing, fabrics and styles look best on my body type.  Of course you only learn this after some painful moments while looking back at pictures and some uncomfortable days wearing the wrong thing. We evolve into our own personal style and this evolution can only happen over time.

In a dream world, it would be amazing if stores would organize things by your style and body type, making it a lot easier for everyone to shop! This would save women a lot of time. I would love to just go directly to the section that has clothing for short and pear shaped women with my same personal style.

Well, ModaMi is doing just that. This brand new, personalized online shopping destination is curating picks just for you by using your style and body type to create a shopping experience that is quick and easy.  While shopping online at ModaMi, you are only shown items that meet your style and body type personality and criteria. In their tagline “Shop your shape, love your style.” Best of all, ModaMi listens and learns from their very own customers. They get savvier about what you like and what works for you the more you interact with the site. So they learn what you love and just give you more of what you love. How amazing is that?


I have been doing some shopping for Costa Rica and I tried ModaMi out by searching for some fun Maxi Dresses.  I know these look great on my body type because I love my arms, neck and shoulders. I have short muscular legs so I am typically not a fan of shorts or short skirts. Long maxi dresses and skirts are perfect for me.  They also make me appear a bit taller especially if worn with wedges.


ModaMi is inviting Savvy Sassy Moms (that’s you!) to access their service while it is still in its Beta phase (They would LOVE your feedback!).  Accessing ModaMi is easy– simply click on this link. Let’s get started creating a boutique just for you!

Every woman has her “problem” areas and every woman has her favorites.  It’s really a matter of accentuating the positive and minimizing the negative.  Don’t try to wear something just to follow the trends, not only will you feel uncomfortable wearing it but it is a waste of money, stick to what makes you feel your best.

ModaMi Shopping Savvy Sassy Moms Style
 am loving this Splendid maxi skirt!  The pockets were a pleasant surprise and such a neccessaty for stashing my phone. I chose this skirt because it is simple yet can easily be dressed up or down. depending on how you style it.  This is a total laid back look that I will be wearing a lot while living in Costa Rica and as I travel over the next few years.


Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post and I was sent a skirt so I could experience the shopping experience.  All my savvy thoughts and sassy opinions are my own.

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