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There is a brand new “Fashion Confession” website called OMG I just bought where you get to share and confess your shopping “Wins and Sins” with other fashion minded people and see what others have just bought.  You simply upload a picture, write a brief description of what and why you bought it and it gets showcased on their website.  You can win prizes!  They do a Fashion Giveaway every friday and you are automatically entered when you submit a purchase that week.

So I tried it out when I bought this pretty pink Maxi Dress from LuLu’s.  I like it because it is soft and feminie but is waisted so I won’t lose my shape when I wear it.  Also I am a big fan of one shoulder dresses and I think with the right accessories this will be perfect for date nights and special parties this summer.

So share your latest fashion confession over at it will make you feel better and hopefully lessen the buyer’s remorse!

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