Marble Jar the must have Parent App {Free this week}

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To help parents get Back to School the Marble Jar App is FREE this Week!

Marble Jar  is usually $2.99 (and worth every penny) but this week it’s FREE!!
So download it NOW (yes, I’m yelling at you)

Just in time for getting those kids back into the swing of things, cause if you’re like me this summer was a free for all at our house! Marble Jar is a mobile App by Win Win Apps that helps empower families to collaborate and accomplish clear and measurable goals. It is a brilliant award system for children ages 2 – 12. by earning marbles in your jars to teach responsibility and reward positive behavior.  You simply set up Jars such as “Sleepover”  then you assign certain tasks and positive action items to earn that special Sleepover such as  1) Brushed teeth without complaining 2) Hung up Backpack and put away Shoes 3)  Was nice to little brother.  So each time they do those tasks they earn a marble.  When their jar is full they get the Sleepover!

Founded by a mom of two and creator of WinWin Apps, Anna Palmer, and inspired by parenting expert Vicki Hoefle, Marble Jar keeps expectations and acknowledgments consistent and top-of-mind, and provides structure and clarity to parenting.  Not only does this App work for children but parents you to can set yourself some parenting goals and earn perhaps a Spa Day for your achievements!


The Marble Jar App  is usually $2.99 but this week it’s FREE!! So download it NOW

I would classify this App as SUPER Savvy Sassy!

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