Getting back to basics with the new word game TypeCrush

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Lately my family has been sitting down to play some good ‘ol fashioned card games and board games.  I have found that I can handle games like these, I just can’t get into pretend play or art projects that make a big mess.  The reason I like playing these types of games with the kids is because it gets our entire family to unplug from the electronics and we usually end up laughing with or at one another.  These games also require very little clean up, which is another bonus.

I typically enjoy the games until it starts to take too long or my six year old starts to act like a total loony toon or my daughter gets upset trying to win so badly.  So, here is a gem of a new word game that we’ve been playing called Typecrush.  It’s fun to play, never takes too long and you don’t play to win. {gasp}

TypeCrush comes in a round compact tin with nothing but letters inside.  They have put the alphabet into five color coded groups and there is a very special reason for these groups.  They are separated by the most frequent used letters in the alphabet all the way down to the least frequent.  There are no rules or keeping score.  You can create the way you want to play!  Which was a little odd in the beginning because we are always trained to read a long set of instructions before playing a new game.  So we sat there and then just started to play our own way.

We played this with a neighbor and when I explained it to her she said “Oh, so it’s kind of like hang man.”  And I thought…. yes, it kind of is.  Now, my husband (who thinks he’s a scrabble champion) immediately took it to the more sophisticated level and started figuring out the word based on the use of how many letters were being used in each color.  Whatever Rain Man.

 Looking for a unique gift to give over the Holidays?  Typecrush just may be the the perfect gift for the family that has everything! Typecrush is also super easy to pack for traveling too, you know for when those batteries are dead and you’ve had enough screen time for one day.

Interested??  TypeCrush $36.00

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