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What is better than having a best friend to share clothes with!  Dollie and Me is the new matching fashion and 18 inch doll lifestyle brand, that was designed to help empower young girls creativity through imaginative dress-up and doll play.  The clothing is sold as a matching set, one for the girl and one for her dollie.  They have a variety of trendy outfits, holiday dresses and even coordinating pajamas.   The best part about these dolls…the Quality for the the Price! 

They retail for $35.00, and these dolls are made from the same manufacturer as the Madame Alexander dolls, I can honestly say they are beautiful and very well made.  Their torso is soft like a pillow and they have jointed arms and legs.  They also have the sleeping eyes that close when they are resting and the hair is smooth as silk.  The matching outfits range from $30.00 – $50.00.

 Playing with Dolls can have a positive Impact!

  • Self Expression  Doll play can be a safe and secure way of expressing emotions and releasing impulses.  With dolls, a child can reenact scences involving disappointment, fear, anger and jealousy.
  • Real Life Children act out everyday situations and what happens in their typical day, so this helps them to manage conflict and to develop and maintain relationships.
  • Role Play  Through dolls, girls can act out different roles and experiement with several different points of view.  Domestic themes and stories about everyday life, such as the birth of a new baby, moving or parent seperation can be brought front and center in a safe way at the child’s own discretion and speed.
  • Take Time Create a space conducive to pretend play by using different props and most important, make this uniterrupted play time for your child.

*According to Susan J Schwartz, MA Ed. and clinical director at the NYU Child Study Center, “Research indicates that creative, open ended play strengthens language, cognitive, social and motor skills of young girls.  These abilities are the foundation of all other learning”




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Got a girl that loves dolls?
Savvy Sassy Suggests:   Give her a new best friend and a dress to match!

I’ve got a Dollie & Me Doll and Outfit  Giveaway, just in time to put it under the tree!

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Disclosure:  I had the privledge of touring the Dollie & Me showroom in New York City and was given a Dollie & Me doll and outfit to take home and experience with my daughter.  She loved it and wrapped her arms around me a said “You’re the best Mom ever”  This product meets my Savvy Sassy approval which is why i share it with you.

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  1. My favorite doll moment was getting my first Cabbage Patch doll

  2. I follow Dollie and Me on twitter.

  3. Oh gosh, the only memory I have of my doll is the hair. It was so nasty and matted. I guess I loved it way too much.

  4. I loved my Baby Alive doll when I was little. I got one when they first came out!

  5. I loved the Raggedy Ann & Andy dolls when I was growing up. Still me favorite! My Lily loves her Disney princess dolls most of all, but like any girl, she loves any baby doll 🙂

  6. I had a bear since I was 9 years old over 24 years ago. I took him everywhere, he even went to college with me and he came home on weekends too. I recently gave my bear to my daughter to take care of and she LOVES him!

  7. I was always a Barbie Girl, I even started making barbie clothes at age 10

  8. I remember at one time having 100 Barbie dolls and being so proud of my collection. I was crazy about Barbies.

  9. I got a cabbage patch kid for christmas one year, I wanted it so bad and never imagined I would get it!
    Thanks for the chance.

  10. I was big into dolls when a kid! I begged for a rubber doll called “le baby”, she looked completely real and she wasn’t cheap. I didn’t think my parents would get it for me because at the time they didn’t have a lot of money. My mom made baby clothes for her and bought diapers and I carried that thing! I freaked a few people out too thinking she was “real”

  11. I remember how much I loved the Care Bears second movie, where the characters are shown as babies. I used to carry around our plush Care Bears, imagining I was in that scene, singing the accompanying song. 🙂
    I still have those plushies, too~

  12. When my sister and I were little (back in the sixties) we had the old Barbie dolls with the dark molded hair. Barbie held a promotion in which we turned in our old barbies for the new blond ones. We were so excited when my mom traded ours in for the pretty new blond dolls!
    smchester at gmail dot com

  13. I loved my cabbage patch doll and played it for a long time into my childhood. As a teen, it was still in my closet and as an adult I still have it tucked away! I wanted it so badly and got one at the top of the CBK craze!

  14. I loved my dolls as a kid, and wanted to collect them as i grew up, i remember my mom telling me if i could show that i could care for my dolls that she would get me a porcelain one on my 13th birthday, my mothers promise was real , i received my first porcelain doll on my 13th birthday , and still have her in my collection with all my other child hood dolls , and i now have aproximately 90 dolls and always am excited to add a new dollie friend to my collection rather porcelain or vynil , i love them all. I even still have them after a devistating house fire we had when i was a mid teen. The good lord saved my babies for me , and words cant say how thankfull i was to find my dolls untouched by the fire.

  15. My daughter had a Cabbage Patch Doll named Alex and he went every where with us even on vacation.

  16. I remember really wanting this handmade doll my great grandmother had. She gave it to me and I kept that doll for years and years. I carried it everywhere… until one day it was just rags and wasn’t really a doll anymore.

  17. I think her name was Dressy Bessy…she was a rag doll with red yarn hair (NOT Raggedy Ann) and she had shoes you could tie and buttons you could button and I loved her with a fierce passion.

    My favorite doll of all time

    My second fave doll was the one that was Little Red Riding Hood…then you turned her over and she became the wolf and then you pulled her face back and she became the grandma.


  18. I remember playing Cabbage Patch dolls with my sister. I don’t remember a lot about other than that it was a lot of fun. lol Thank you!

  19. I love my Chatty Cathy doll, had her until just a few years ago when she stopped chatting, such a sad day ;~( Would love to win this Dollie and Me Doll for my precious niece who soooooooooooo loves her dolls.

    Liked on FB – Check
    Followed on Twitter – Check

    Thanks for sharing your insight on Dollie and Me!

  20. I LOVE that you can dress up like your doll and it’s not an arm and leg to do it! My daughter would love it! My favorite doll is the Raggedy Ann my mom made me when I was little. There is even a portrait of us together, wearing matching outfits. Mom sewed both and she’s NOT much of a sewer so I know they were a real work of the heart.

  21. I cut my favorite barbie’s hair when I was little. I guess I thought it would grow back? Big mistake!

  22. when my sister was little, 4 maybe…she learned at church how it was important to give special things to people for christmas. Christmas Day , I opened my present from her and it was her fav doll she had, had forever.

  23. My mom made me and my sister our cabbage patch dolls when we were little. I still have that doll.

  24. My favorite doll when I was little was my homemade “adoption doll” doll.. My mom was a single mom raising 6 kids and working 2 jobs, and just couldn’t get a store bought one but she knew how bad I wanted one so she found a woman that made them. Even then , as young as I was, I could see how much my mom loved me especially when she went through so much trouble for that baby doll. I still have that beautiful doll to this day and gave it to my little girl who knows the story behind it and loves it too !

  25. My favorite doll was my cabbage patch doll,


  26. my favorite was the cabbage patch.i took it everywhere with me.i lost it one day at the park

  27. I loved my cabbage patch kid her name was Leslie! suelee1998 @

  28. I like dollieandme on twitter suelee1998
    suelee1998 @

  29. I like Savvy Sassy Moms on facebook susan s
    suelee1998 @

  30. my favorite doll when i was growing up was my cabbage patch doll, she went everywhere with me!

  31. I was about 4 years old and a distant great uncle gave me a beautiful German-made doll just out of the blue. It was the most gorgeous doll I ever owned and it’s still stored away somewhere at my parent’s house.

  32. My favorite doll was my Baby Krissy. She had red hair like me and a pony tail of hair that I could pull out to make longer and a string in back to pull it back in.
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  33. I’m following Dollie and Me on Twitter @lisalmg.
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  34. I subscribed to the Savvy Sassy Newsletter.
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  35. I like you on Facebook user Lisa Garner.
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  36. I adored Cabbage Patch Kids. I collected them for the longest time.

  37. I will always remember when I was six years old my mom took me to the hospital to see my dad who had cancer and he surprised me with a tiny plastic square case inside was a little baby doll that was no more than 3 inches tall and was wearing a white diaper with a pink shirt and painted on white booties. That was the last gift I ever got from my daddy and my most prized posession that I still have. He said it was a baby for his baby and had asked a nurse earlier thast day to go to the gift shop in the hospital and get it for me. that was years ago but I will never forget it. I am a grandma now of a 4 year old and I would love to give this to her something special from her meme that she would love and treasure.

  38. I too was addicted to Cabbage Patch Kids … Just gave my Toddler my old CPKid and she LOVES it =)

  39. When I was in the 4th grade all I wanted was a Cabbage Patch Kid, I knew Santa wasn’t real and was told by my parents that my wish was probably not gonna be granted. You see this was the year the CPK’s came out and you couldn’t find them anywhere, my precious grandmother called me the night before Christmas Eve crying that she tried to find me one and just couldn’t but she bought me all the accessories and after Christmas we would find one. Christmas morning came and I opened all my gifts secretly hoping no one would see my disappointment that my CPK wasn’t there. My grandma came out of her room holding one more package for me, inside was my Cabbage Patch Kid, she had gotten a call from the toy store on Christmas Eve saying someone had returned it and knew she was looking for one. This is one of the best Christmas Memories I have and I still have that doll today!

  40. When I was about 4 my sister and I both got really pretty dolls that looked the same but mine was dressed in blue and hers was dressed in pink. So my sister was older than me and cut her dolls hair off. Then she decided she wanted my doll because hers looked ugly. I remember that and the time she wanted my bike I got for my birthday, but, oh. that’s another story…..

  41. When I was younger I remember getting the first barbie doll. She was part of my family for a long time. Sadly I also remember putting marker on her face and cutting her hair off. Since I was obvious so hard on play dolls my dad starting getting me a “no touch in the china cabinet only” doll each year. I have so many of those collectibles now.

  42. I subscribed by mail

    ceemlovee at yahoo dot com

  43. I liked you on FB as Christine Holliday

    ceemlovee at yahoo dot com

  44. My favorite doll was a squishy doll that was pink all over. Even her hair was pink.

  45. I was a barbie girl but even better, I had all of the off beat accessories- ie the Donald Duck barbie night shirt and plastic fruit and coke bottles for Barbie. I even had a suit case that opened into a hotel for this girl! Barbie, you’re the best 🙂

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