Looking Sunny In The Shade

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For the better part of my life I have stayed away from anything that can bronze or tan me. I’m uber uber white. I mean almost blinding. All of the products I tried made me look orange.

However, in the last year I have found more and more products that don’t make me look like a fake bake gone wrong.

Here are a few that will be good at keeping you on the respectable side of bronzing:

I’m a huge Pixi Beauty products fan because they are all on the lighter side which requires layering for intensity. That to me is much more preferable to an intense color you have use very little of to not over do it. That’s why when I saw the Bronze Bloom Trio I knew that the layering of different colors allows anyone to make the bronzing affect as light or dark as they would like.

Benefit Cosmetics is well known for their ingenious way of making everyone look phenomenal with their products. It’s no surprise when I tried 10 I fell in love instantly with its shimmer on the bronze side, and the pink that can be used as blush. Definitely gets a 10.

Get the Benefit High Beam for a little extra glow. While this is not a bronzer per se the high beam gives a great glow when you want just a little bit of the summer dew look. It’s great above the cheekbone, and can be used under the eyebrows as well. This one is an all year staple as far as I’m concerned because it makes every look a little more glimmery (is that a word?).

Neutrogena Skin Blends Natural Radiance Bronzer is another phenomenal product from Neutrogena. I am a big fan of Neutrogena make up in general like their face make-up. This bronzer is wonderful for my skin especially because it has no yellow base to it, which many bronzers do. Although, I’m considered a neutral I prefer pink over yellow undertones, which is exactly what this has.

Physician’s Formula Magic Mosaic Multi Colored Custom Face is a good bronzer for the darker skin tones because it provides the ability to blend your own color to match you tone better. Although, I have not tried this one in particular, I would highly recommend any Physician’s Formula cosmetic because I’ve yet to be disappointed by their line.

Take it to a whole other continent with the Too Faced The Bronzed and The Beautiful French Riviera Edition. If you’ve never tried a Too Faced kit before stop everything and get yourself one, or better yet just get this one. As always Too Faced thought of everything when it comes to giving yourself the sun-kissed look. I mean not only are there different colors, but a tutorial on where to use each color for maximum bronzing. Who could ask for more?

NYX Tango With Bronzing Powder When Leopard Gets a Tan is the one I used the most last summer. I will say that I had to be very diligent and careful about putting too much on. A little went a long when it came to this bronzer, but despite that I liked the fact that it really had more of a copper tint to it. More bang for my buck too. I’ll admit it was the leopard print that was the reason I bought it. I couldn’t help myself I love leopard print, and it wound up being a favorite.

What’s your favorite bronzer or highlighter? Leave me a comment below with your favorite. Please feed my inane need to buy another beauty product.

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