Foundation and Powder You Can't Feel

Foundation & Powder You Can’t Feel

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For as long as I can remember the thing I ask myself when it comes to makeup is, “what is the best foundation?” This quest became a constant in my makeup loving life. Of course I have to add all of my must haves like not greasy and won’t make my face break out, to make it even harder to find.

About 2 months ago I ran out of what I was using, and frankly wasn’t liking the coverage it was giving me. I felt it wasn’t enough. I wanted something that had a little more coverage without being greasy AND wasn’t going to cost me an entire paycheck. That’s a tall order in the world of make-up.

Foundation and Powder You Can't FeelI’m never one to say I found the right makeup and am never going to get anything else. In my world there’s always another item to try. However, if I was going to say that I really think I’d say it about Neutrogena SkinClearing Liquid Makeup ($10.99). It has Salicylic Acid which is fantastic for my acne prone skin. Within 1 minute of putting it on it was powder smooth. It feels like my skin all day long, which translates to no greasy feeling. All I have to do during the day to maintain this look is use blot paper, and it’s back to the usual.

Foundation and Powder You Can't FeelI loved the SkinClearing Liquid Makeup so much I went out and bought the SkinClearing Mineral Powder ($10.99). It is a great powder that doesn’t go on like a dust cloud that never soaks into your face. It is the perfect enhancement to the foundation.

Here’s a quick tip. Get a foundation brush (like this one) to put the foundation on instead of a sponge or your finger. You’ll use a lot less, and you’ll be able to put it on in layers for more coverage in particular areas.

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