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“It’s About Your Lifestyle, Not Your Bank Balance”

Well, if I have ever met a website after my own heart – 24/Savvy would be it.  We must have been sperated at birth! is a online community that is busting at the seams with how to live a Super Savvy Lifestyle. They keep it fun, fresh, and  informative on savvy living in the worlds of fashion, beauty, home design, parenting, travel, food and wine.   < Gee, everything I love!  Living Savvy is simply a state of mind and maybe you weren’t born with it, but if you hang out with us long enough you’ll see the savvy sisterhood is where you want to be!

There are 5 pieces of the Savvy Pie:
Watch It, Live It, Get It, Be It, and Give It.
Either way you slice it your Savviness is gonna love it!

*Watch It: Expert savvy edits give you all the tips and tools you need to know what to keep, toss and trade.  including celebrity webisodes.  The webisodes present a variety of experts, i.e. fashion stylists, gourmet chefs, sommeliers and financial gurus who give celebrity personalities a Savvy Edit on their closets, kitchens or playrooms, etc.

*Live It:
This is your destination for savvy picks on food, fashion, products, travel and fitness, just to name a few.  This section will give you the Savvy Scoop on living savvy every minute of every day!

*Get It: From savvy spending to smart splurging—we’ve got the scoop right here on the best buys for your buck. Earn points and prizes, simple as that!  If you want somethng you gotta ask for it, this is the place to lust after it and tell them you want it!

*Be It: Share your savviest secrets and connect with our Regional Lifestyle Contributors (citizen reporters) weigh in on what is savvy from their city. With over 30 contributors, Savvy News comes in from Paris to Los Angeles, from Chicago to Atlanta.

*Give It
There’s nothing savvier than sharing what you’ve got. Find out smart ways to touch all corners of the globe with our favorite charities.  This is my favorite section – why because one thing all savvies have is a BIG heart!  This section features charities and how savvy women and organizations are making a difference.  Get inspire and find your own savvy way to contribute!

“We believe ‘savvy’ is about a new mindset—it’s not about trading down, but trading off,” says company founder Valerie Donati.  “Savvy doesn’t necessarily equal thrift, it just means playing it smart.   24/Savvy gives its members fun and inventive ways to live their smartest, most creative life, regardless of their income.”

24/Savvy rewards its members for their participation. From commenting to voting to blogging to posting video and photos all member engagements earn guests Savvy Pointstoward a Savvy Splurge and the chance to opt in for Savvy Gifts which are given away every Friday.

I hate to brag but I have already recieved two gifts from 24/Savvy  – A pair of soft Dearfoams Slippers and a box filled with Peanut Butter Dove Chocolates!   What’s better than getting presents just for being….yes, you guessed itSavvy!

Savvy Sisters gotta stick together!

Be Savvy. Be Sassy.
Get on over to

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