Creating a custom rug with stylish FLOR carpet tiles

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Rugs are a tough home item to purchase. I have been on countless shopping trips “looking for a rug” only to come home empty handed.  Why?  Well, because they’re a large item and can be very expensive. Once you finally make your decision there is no turning back and you’ll be living with your choice for a very long time. It’s a true commitment, so you better love the rug you bring into your home.


Rugs also need to stand the test of time and be able to take a little (or a lot) of wear and tear over the years, especially if you have kids. Chocolate milk, juice, soda and wine are sure to be spilled and there are always other random sticky messes or dirty little hands and feet to clean up after.

Recently, I was introduced to FLOR carpet design squares and the first word that popped into my mind was: brilliant. These customized 20 x 20 square tiles can be built to what ever size you need and designed in a variety of ways.  FLOR has many colorful options including modern stripes, bold patterns and solid tiles in just about any color you can imagine.


I was in need of some sassy carpet for our Oh Baby! Style Suite earlier this month and FLOR sent me some carpet tiles to give a try. From the moment I pulled them out of the box I was impressed by the quality and the color.  I choose to have a pink center with a striped border that just so happened to have similar colors as the Savvy Sassy Moms logo.

*Note we were working on an un-even outside concrete floor which made some of the middle tiles not sit perfectly.  This will not happen in your home or office.


Assembly is SO quick and easy.  You simply start by laying down your carpet tiles on the floor where you want them and how you want it to be styled. Since they are not attached to each other yet, you can play around with different color combinations and designs. It is so fun! Then once you have the FLOR tiles exactly where you want them, you simply take the FLOR round stickers and stick them together on the bottom.  Piecing together your very own custom rug.

The best part about these tiles is that they can literally work in any room, hallway or space and they can be easily moved to another room that may have a different size or layout.  Cleaning a stubborn stain is also quick and painless, you can just remove the carpet square that needs cleaning to the sink and wash it.  The durability and changeability of the FLOR tiles make them perfect for nurseries, kids rooms and playrooms too. What is so unique about FLOR carpet tiles, is that they can practically grow with your child or be used in another part of the house instead.

FLOR Builder

FLOR has a great online tool called the FLORbuilder to customize your rug.  Once you decide on the type of tiles you want you can launch the FLORbuilder to select and move your tiles to see exactly what the rug will look like.

I absolutely love these FLOR carpet tiles because they are stylish, practical and so versatile.  So whether you are looking to change up a room, add some color to your home office or lay down some new carpet for a baby’s room these carpet tiles will make any room look like a showroom.


Disclosure: I was sent these FLOR carpet tiles to actually use and review.  All my savvy thoughts and sassy opinions are my own.

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