Exceptional home style in Valencia, CA

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I know I’m moving to Costa Rica… but if I wasn’t, I might have to seriously consider moving up to Valencia, CA. No really. Even though most people that live in Los Angeles think of Valencia as another planet, just like when I tell people I live in Pasadena. I might as well be in Nevada.  But there is much more to Los Angeles than the westside people. Valencia is only 30 minutes north of Los Angeles, it’s really not that far considering some people sit in traffic for that long on their daily commute.

I love living in Pasadena for it’s old world charm, the eclectic houses and rich history.  So, in real estate terms that means, small, old and cold.  Some families need or want a lot more space than what they can afford in places like Santa Monica or Pasadena.  You can get a lot more house for your money up in Valencia that’s for sure!  Which is why there has been a growing number of Los Angeles families moving up to the Santa Clarita and Valencia area.  With the growth and demand home builders like K B Homes are building some pretty incredible homes to meet the needs of these families looking to in some ways, upgrade their home or lifestyle.
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I was able to take a tour of two new model homes in the latest River Village neighborhood.  Both of these homes are nothing short of fabulous. You want a walk in pantry, formal living room, family room, entertaining room, guest room suite and lavish bathrooms and and outdoor living space?  You can have it. All of it.  If you’ve ever dreamed of building your a dream home, K B Homes will help you build it. The best part is that you don’t have to take exactly what they have already designed.  It’s not cookie cutter, your options are endless. You work closely with a team choose the floor plan, bedrooms, floors, counter tops, light fixtures, doors and windows.  They guide you through every single step and even take you to your home site multiple times throughout the building stages.

The home itself is of course top quality and even exceeds the eco-savvy efficiency standards and I am not here to sell you a home, so let’s talk about the style. I took so many pictures of the interior design in this home so I could take you on a virtual tour.  The design team  who stages these homes has one of the best jobs in the world.  Every room was picture perfect. Clearly, you would not theme your entire home in one color palette, but I LOVED it for these model homes and it just gives you some home style inspiration.

Decorating your home is one of the best parts of buying a house, it’s how you make it a home.  So to me it’s just as important as the energy efficient light bulbs.

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*The Charleston community is designed to reflect what KB Home’s customer surveys have told them home buyers are looking for – bigger homes with more bedrooms, state-of-the-art energy efficiency, higher-end options, and flexible floor plans that allow for personalization. This community of new homes is part of the gated RiverVillage and features recreation centers, parks, river trails, and a small neighborhood retail center as well. RiverVillage is designed with traditional small town character theming in its landscape and architecture.

Disclosure: I was invited to take a media tour of the homes and was compensated for my time.  All my savvy thoughts and sassy opinions are my own.

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